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Sewage and More

In a recent interview given by Felipe Montano Jens, Carlos Edison pointed out many important factors regarding Brazil’s current wastewater management problems and their potential solutions. Both leaders sat down and discussed, in full details, what each thought was the best solution for the matter. Strategies that work, strategies that don’t work, and potential alternatives were brought to the table. Many factors regarding recent concession initiatives, and efforts by the BNDES to side with the Brazilian government in finally eradicating the country’s unhealthy wastewater management issues, are still in effect.


Plus, both leaders are highly respected experts on the matter. Edison is currently the President and Founder of Trata Brazil, an institution that focuses on improved levels of sanitation and sewage treatment for Greater Brazil.


Additionally, in this recent sitdown interview with Carlos, a top leader of waste management solutions altogether, Jens presented many important topics – through multiple questions – to thus probe Edison in furthering his thoughts as well as to generate new ideas for fixing the current wastewater management issues that plague Brazil. Wastewater levels and toxic matter are at an increased level as of the last three years, and there needs to be a solution immediately. As such, Brazil’s government has recently joined multiple economic and social platforms to reverse this harmful trend.


Felipe Montoro Jens is a top analyst and expert on the matter as well. He has rightfully earned both his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in management. He has also worked in this field for more than two decades.


In addition, Jens has studied numerous topics of a similar note. He is thus a diversified expert on all matters of wastewater and sewage treatment as well. He continues to resideĀ  in Brazil and fight for its cause against unhealthy water and improper waste treatment.

Recent Interview with Felipe Montoro Jens Sheds Light on Partnership for Brazil Sanitation Goals

In a recent interview between Felipe Montoro Jens and Edison Carlos, the benEfit of combining private sanitation companies and government agencies was discussed. Right now in Brazil 90% of the sanitation work is done by government agencies. However, a new program will use private agencies in complement with the government work. There are several benefits to this, said Felipe Montoro Jens, an infrastructure specialist. He said that because private companies often have resources which government agencies might not, water waste can be managed in new and effective ways. The two agreed during the interview that it will be important that the private companies who begin work on sanitation for the city of Brazil be monitored and held to high standards by the government.


Felipe Montoro Jens is a specialist in the field of infrastructure and city management. He a skilled manager and leader, and is considered very innovative in the field of city planning and management. He has also held many other leadership positions, including roles within financial institutions, which gave him a broad understanding of money management and investing strategies.


Felipe Montoro Jens has worked in a leadership role for many companies, especially within the field of finance. He studied for his undergraduate degree at the Getulio Vargas Foundation, where he excelled as a student. He went on to pursue a graduate degree which would help him achieve the leadership roles that he knew he was capable of. He was awarded his masters from The Thuderbird School of Global Management.