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What Is Tidal Doing To The Competition

Tidal is a music streaming service that comes with a subscription price. It is very similar to Spotify and other music streaming services already out there, but it is the only streaming service that is actually run by the artists.

Jay Z just founded Tidal and released it on Monday which led to great controversy about the future of other music streaming services. Jay Z’s music including other artists that are now a part of Tidal is all over other music services. Haidar Barbouti wonders: So what is to stop subscribers from just sticking to the already popular Spotify?

This is how Jay Z made Tidal become the talk of the town, which is probably going to sky rocket it’s subscribers simply because Jay Z and Beyonce are involved. Many other famous artists are involved with Tidal including Kanye West, Madonna, Usher, Alicia Keys, and many more.

It is likely that artists are not allowed to just pull their music from other music streaming services like Spotify, and their record company will not allow them to pull any music out since they are the ones who get most of the profits from the streaming services. Instead, the artists just get their checks for their albums, and the rest of the money from tours and endorsements. Streaming music money goes all to the record labels which is what drove Jay Z to put together Tidal in the first place.

The Work of the Co-Creator of “The Simpsons” Will Live On

Television lost a legend a couple days ago. You wouldn’t have recognized him at the checkout stand or if you passed him on the street, but if you are living in this country and you have been alive for the past twenty years, chances are you have seen the creation he helped bring to the screen in our living rooms. Sam Simon, a co-creator of “The Simpsons,” died this March 8th from colon cancer. He was originally diagnosed with the disease in 2012 and survived longer than doctors said he would. He was a producer, writer, director and philanthropist.

As a co-creator of “The Simpsons,” Mr. Simon has guaranteed that his work will live on for decades if not centuries stated . Everyone dies eventually, but how many of us have the chance to be a part of bringing joy to millions before shedding their mortal coil. Hollywood history is full of other examples of this. Lucille ball passed on long ago, but people can still enjoy her show in reruns. The same can be said for untold other people who brought laughter to millions. While this story reminds one of human frailty, it also makes me happy that today we have the technology to preserve the works of talented people for us and our progeny to enjoy many times over. Compare this to talented performers of centuries past that are lost to history due to a lack of a medium to preserve their performances for the ages.

Tom Rothman a Favorite for Sony Leadership

In the wake of the resignation of Amy Pascal, head of Sony Pictures Entertainment, several contenders are in the running to be her replacement. According to the Los Angeles Times, Tom Rothman of Sony’s Tristar label is the favorite.

Pascal, who is leaving in May to start a new film company, resigned after a massive hacking attack which revealed some of her personal emails, including one poking fun at President Obama for preferring black movies. 

Rothman came to Sony in 2013 after an 18-year career at News Corp’s Fox Filmed Entertainment, where he was former chairman and CEO. Under Rothman, the highly succesful films produced included “Avatar” and “Titanic.” He also began Fox Searchlight, a specialty division that produced “The Descendants” and”Black Swan”. Both won Oscars. He was ousted in 2012.

In 2013, he was hired by Pascal and CEO Michael Linton. Among the reasons he is considered a frontrunner for Pascal’s position is his success at Fox, his reputation for producing good, profitable movies, getting along well with the talent and his likeability in general. He was hired at Sony to revive the Tristar division, which had been successful in the past with films like “Glory,” “Jerry McGuire,” “Total Recall” and more.

His competition includes Doug Belgrad, president of Sony’s Motion Picture Group and Jeff Robinov, whose new film company signed a deal with Sony for distribution.

Source: Los Angeles Times