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Joseph Bismark’s Early Decisions Effect His Life Today


What happens when someone makes the decision as a child to live their life as a monk? What happens when a nine year old lives a deeply spiritual life? I would think that the child who makes such a decision and lives such a life would be forever effected by what they did, and that seems to be exactly the truth. For Joseph Bismark, the decisions that he made as a child and the life that he lived then are still affecting who he is today. Because of his decision to become a monk as a child, Joseph Bismark lives a spiritually focused life, today.

According to the blog Please Don’t Ask Alice, Joseph Bismark lives a life that is a mix of spiritual and business. I appreciate the fact that this man believes that one’s spiritual life should affect the way that one lives in the business world. This man started his spiritual journey when he was young, and he is allowing that journey to shape who he is, today. Joseph Bismark believes that individuals should allow their spirituality to affect them as they live, and he knows just what happens when one does that. I respect the decision that Joseph Bismark made when he decided that his spirituality was going to affect the way that he lived.