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The Social and Economic Impact of IoT as Explained By Jason Hope

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the revolutionary tool in the tech world. The technology connects everything to the Internet, creating network of devices that were traditionally not connectable. As a result, IoT has made life interestingly efficient and smooth and has significantly reduced the rate at which people depended on others. The senior citizens and the physically impaired, for example, can do a lot by the themselves thanks to provisions of IoT.

Social Impact of IoT

Tech futurists argue that Internet of Things is the best tech innovation that has ever happened. Jason Hope, a renowned tech futurist, believes that IoT could be the most innovative and life changing tool today and in many years to come. According to Jason, IoT will stand in the gap between the rich and the poor, fill the gap left by government incompetence, and most importantly slay inequality monster that threatens to tear up the society. Global companies are working around the clock to ensure that they keep to speed with the changing tech landscape and at the end of it all, they will make the globe a better place.

Benefits of IoT in Business

The benefits of IoT in the business world are many and far-reaching. Jason Hope has dedicated his time to researching and analyzing these benefits and contextualizing the impact they bring to global world at large. According to Jason, IoT helps business owners to optimize on resource distribution per department while at the same time reducing wastage. This is particularly achieved through interconnecting devices at the workplace and noting where a particular resource deployed in excess and where it is inadequate. This brings some balance and enhances effectiveness.

Jason Hope is also of the view that IoT can be used to improve customer service. This is done by interconnecting devices at the client’s place and monitoring them from a remote location. When, for example, a particular device threatens to break down, the service provider fixes it before the damage is done.

Jason’s Education Background

Jason is a BS and MBA holder from the well-known Arizona State University. His area of specialization is in business and finance.

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Investing In

Recently, review received an investment of over 20 million dollars. This may lead onlookers to wonder what a reputation management company does and the specific services provided by First, reputation management is quickly becoming an integral aspect of digital marketing. Companies need to know how to combat smear campaigns led by rival companies. The entrepreneur needs to be able to ward off attacks from ex-girlfriends or disgruntled employees. These attacks could come in the form of a Facebook comment or even a blogpost that attempts to take down a company. So one may ask what does to combat this problem.

Syndicating Customer Reviews

When somebody goes to a job interview, it can be helpful to hear how she responds to certain questions. But it is equally important to know what other people think of her. They will ask if she is the person that she represented herself as. The same can be said in the business to customer relationship. The customer wants to know what kind of experience others have had of a company. They will typically look to previous reviews of that company to answer that question. has a mechanism that syndicates the reviews across the Internet onto one platform.

Help Businesses To Engage

Consumers want a company who cares about their concerns. Even if they complain about the company, they will have a more positive outlook of it if they learn that the company addressed it and repaired the problem. In fact, this is one way that a company’s weakness could transform into a strength. It could cause them to begin to research how other companies have overcome this problem and then try to beat the competition. helps to find feedback from consumers across social media so that their clients can properly address it.

With reputation management becoming such an important aspect of marketing, it should not be a surprise that received an investment of over 20 million dollars. The technology that they offer is quite appealing and could revolutionize the way that businesses interact with customers in future generations.


How To Do Online Reputation Management

The power of the web is both blessing and cursing certain businesses. You need to be ahead of the game in the world of reputations. Your business can be at a loss in an instant in this generation if you aren’t proactive to handling the bad reviews that may come your way if you aren’t that careful. Reviews are so easy to post online, and people can say so many things about a business almost within an instant.

Websites like Yelp or TripAdvisor makes it a thousand times easier to find a business, leave a review, and either benefit or hurt the business with what they said. When bad press starts to grow on a business, it’s easy for some to close down because of their reputation.

How To Do Online Reputation Management

To do it right, you need to first check where your business is receiving comments and reviews. Just typing in your business’s name into Google can help you find out what others are saying. You can also look for a list of review sites and see if your brand is already receiving such comments. Yelp, TripAdvisor, and any other site that is similar is a good place to start. If there aren’t much bad things being said about your business, you can at least avoid it by monitoring these sites and replying to the comments that do try to bring you down.

Status Labs is an online company that focuses primarily on fixing these issues. If you are dealing with horrible comments online and they are beginning to affect your business, it’s best to really get the help that you need. Status Labs is owned and operated by Darius Fisher, and he has worked with some of the best marketing companies in the world today. They have some of the most extensively experienced marketers who can help your brand stand out online without the bad reviews. Your brand can continue growing if you know what to do and you know how to protect your brand from a bad reputation online.

For those who don’t know exactly who Darius Fisher is, he has achieved numerous recognition and awards across the digital platform online from countless brands and programs. He is known for his successful systematic approach to repairing a damaged online media platform. As president of Status Labs, Darius Fisher continues to work with clients around the globe with his 30+ staff in multiple offices around the world.

Windows 10 Free Upgrades for Users of Windows Operating System

Windows 10 operating system is offering a free upgrade to previous users in approximately 190 countries on the 29th of July, 2015, according to Windows Blog. The new operating system will also be on the new tablets, laptop computers, and desktop computers. Users of Windows 7 and Windows 8 are already accustomed to the operating systems, but there are a few new features on Windows 10. Some of the previous functions and applications are the same with an enhancement to the Start Menu and some added features.

The Start Menu includes some of the same Handy features with an extended format to access functions, applications, and files most often used by the user. To access, all the users have to do is click once the favorite app or file. First, users have to click the Windows icon to display the screen of the Start Menu. On the screen to the left side, the user can locate the most used applications; a place for suggested / recently added apps; places to access Explorer, the power button, and setting; and a list of alphabetical downloaded apps.

Other features of Windows 10 are the Live Tiles, Xbox application, Microsoft Edge, and other apps. Users can pin applications, folders, people, and programs to the Start Menu. Live Tiles provides regular updates of applications on the menu screen.

YouTube Video Helps Insomniacs Fall Asleep

You look at the clock for the fifth time tonight. It’s 2:15am and sleep has not happened yet and probably won’t. Insomnia is the problem and a YouTube video of a waterfall in Ireland just might be your cure.
Everyone has an occasional sleepless night, some suffer from sleeplessness almost nightly. Over six million of those insomniacs have turned to the YouTube video created by Johnnie Lawson to help them fall asleep. Mark Ahn has learned that the eight hour video features the sight and sound of a small waterfall cascading under a wooden footbridge and surrounded by lush green riverside. Johnnie Lawson has also created several other tranquil waterfall and countryside videos and has been posting them on YouTube since 2005. A 174 of them, says Mr. Lawson, featuring scenery from his home town of County Leitrim and surrounding areas.
The peaceful videos are so beneficial, they are being used in some London hospitals as therapy for patients in intensive care. The tranquil YouTube video brings calmness to those who are recovering from surgery so they can relax and allow their body’s to heal.
The sight and sounds of the videos lulls hospital patients as well as those at home who suffer with insomnia to sleep and/or back to sleep if they awaken during the night.

The European Union May File Antitrust Charges Against Google

The Charges Are Related To An Antitrust Investigation According To The Wall Street Journal

European antitrust chief Margrethe Vestager decided to file charges against Google after a discussion with the president of the European Commission. It seems Vestager has an issue with market dominance. The European Commission might want Google to reshape its business in Europe.

Christian Broda can’t deny the fact that Google dominates the search engine market in the United States as well as around the globe. Google outsmarted other entrepreneurs when they first got started, and by the time the tech people woke up it was too late.

Microsoft’s Bing search engine does give Google some competition, but when the total search engine picture is analyzed, Google dominates the market. The European Union is concerned about how Google’s skews search results in favor of their travel services and online shopping sites. Google has been known to push business their way. Google is a free search engine site, so they have the right to push business anywhere they like. European companies use the same tactics to increase their business, so it’s going to be a tough battle for the EU to win, according to Eric Schiffer, the CEO of Patriarch Equity. Schiffer also said the charges are more anti-American that antitrust.

Mother and Daughter Start Online Dating Site for People with Autism

Olivia Cantu is 18-years-old and autistic. She has plenty of friends but is tired of being misunderstood by them because they are non-autistic. Many established dating sites online did not cater to those with autism either, still making it hard for someone with autism to meet new people. In order to make it easier for those with autism to meet new people Olivia, along with her mother Kristen who also has a form of autism, decided to start their own dating site where people with autism can meet one another.

According to the story on, the two partnered up to create the site Spectrum Singles. On this site users will be given a questionnaire that determines where they place on the autism spectrum. They will be given a color based on it and shown the profiles of those who were paired with the same color. Jaime Garcia Dias has learned that, through this site, those will autism will be able to potentially meet with each other to form friendships or relationships.

Spectrum Singles have also set up a YouTube page to help users understand social cues while out with others. The videos are comical in nature and let the viewer know how to respond to something their date does. The mother and daughter team also have a Facebook community page set up to share news, memes, and articles pertaining to autism.