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Why Dealing With Igor Cornelsen Is A Sure Prerequisite For Terrific ROI’s

In this age, one has to be extra careful and vigilant about where they get their investing advice and info. Today, there’s a whole multitude of people coming up and saying that they will double, triple or even quadruple your stake. These imposters are everywhere; on the blogs, podcasts and on all the leading websites. In essence, however, there’s only a small handful of genuine investment advisors out of the millions of the so-called ‘investment gods. Here’s a classical example of an investor whose exemplary experience and background you can trust and rely on, in 2017 and beyond. He goes by name Igor Cornelsen and here’s his backstory.


Winning in the Time of Drought


A while back, the economies of the ‘BRICK’ nations were of fire and seemingly unstoppable. The BRICK nations are like Brazil, India, China, Russia, and India. The rates at which those countries’ economies were growing was phenomenal and investors from the west flocked in large numbers to invest in their stock markets, real estates and any other lucrative venture that came calling. It didn’t take long before these economies started feeling the heat from the slowed down US and European Economies and one by one the dominoes started tumbling. The aftermath was so bad that the markets of places like Brazil still haven’t quite recovered from what happened in late 2000’s.


Retirement Advice for Millennials


In the midst of all that disaster and panic, however, Igor Cornelsen and his firm continued posting incredible gains. The investors who had followed the risk mitigation advice and counsel provided by Mr. Cornelsen didn’t even realize that they were in a down market. How could they, when their portfolios were expanding by the quarter? The most admirable trait of this seasoned investor is his tenacity to help others achieve financial independence and freedom as early as possible. His online posts are an excellent resource hub for millennials who want to start planning for their retirement age now as opposed to procrastinating the inevitable.


About Igor Cornelsen


Today, Mr. Cornelsen is happily retired but that does not mean he’s out of the money game. He passively runs one of Brazil’s most high-performing venture capitalist firm, Bainbridge Inc. His firm specializes in commodities, stocks and shares, forex, equities, general financial consultation and personal and corporate portfolio management. Bainbridge’s clients are always sharing positive testimonials of the five-star rated customer care services they get dealing with Igor and his firm. Additionally, their quality financial services come at the most economic rates ever. Igor spends most of his time at the Golf clubs in Florida and Brazil.