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Jurassic World Achieves #1 Opening Weekend of All Time

The continuation of the Jurassic Park franchise, Jurassic World, sets an all time world record on its opening weekend. With ticket sales reaching over a half billion, Jurassic World has garnered some well-deserved recognition.


A big part of Jurassic World’s box office slam-dunk comes from 3D and IMAX ticket sales, which globally accounted for more than half of all tickets purchased. This is the second massive success we have seen from Universal this year, which also produced Furious 7.


Movie buffs from all corners of the world are not all too surprised that Jurassic World was a record-breaking hit says Igor Cornelsen. WithJurassic Park as its predecessor, and Chris Pratt as its leading actor, massive box office sales were imminent, especially when considering how well Jurassic World was expected to do in 3D.


Movie lovers everywhere are curious how long Jurassic World will have the spot light though. This summer, Disney will be looking to challenge this record with its continuation of the Star Wars series, with Star Wars: The Force Awakens.


Regardless, 2015 will mark a massively successful year for the film industry, Chris Pratt, and Universal alike.

Jurassic World – The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

Jurassic World is finally out for the world to watch. However, all is not rosy when one who is raised on extreme Jurassic fodder from the 90s watches this movie. Here is a review of the Jurassic World –

Well Done – Jurassic world was always supposed to be a movie about dinosaurs munching on people and other dinosaurs, running and screaming, and more dinosaurs. So much was clear from the trailer and the movie delivered that superbly. Fans like Daniel Amen ( know that it set out to be a summer flick everyone would enjoy and it has done that better than any other movie this season.
Could Be Better – A few critics might not like the scientific basis behind the movie, particularly the “clicker training” bit. However, one never goes to the theatres expecting to have their biology basics revived and revised. The great thing is, the makers aren’t even pretending that they know what’s going on with the sciency half of the movie.

Get Your Act Together – Despite the velociraptor and the I-Rex being females, the message of the movie to women is quite sexist. It basically says that women ‘should” love children and this should-ing is something that, fortunately, the current times don’t allow to be brushed aside. In 2015, one doesn’t attributed such a thing to one of the movie’s “stumbles” and move on.

The largely unanimous opinion is that the movie offers a good bang for the buck to its viewers.