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David Mcdonald Has Also Been Endorsed On Social Media Platforms

President David Mcdonald of OSI Group is the subject of much discussion and debate – all positive, of course. He is also the subject of many a recent interview. This man’s skills and expertise and intensely sought by all who work in the food services industry, and this alone says it all: The man has more than 15 years of experience to share and will never let an interview pass in which he does not impart a golden nugget – or two, or three – of his precious wisdom. Time is money, and with Mcdonald, you get a bit of both: He is the best of all worlds as is his company.

By the way, did you know that OSI Group is one of the top, world-renowned business leaders in chain marketing and food service altogether? It is all thanks to the efforts of Mcdonald and his associates and business partners, such as Sheldon Lavin. The two have worked by each other’s side for many years now and can hold their own when it comes to any matters of superior taste quality, impeccable hospitality and solid brand management altogether. The two are an explosive duo for greater things, and OSI Group could not be more blessed.

In two recent interviews, Mcdonald listed China as one of his main suppliers and providers. He loves Beijing and has even seen the Beijing Olympics many times as that’s where his top business takes place. Who would’ve known that the Chinese love OSI food products and services so much? Mcdonald notes that life will sometimes take one where he least expects it to, adding its own little twists and turns along the way, making for more than the usual “bumpy ride” in the process. He notes that, with China’s OSI market and its executive leaders strategists, he is nothing but surprised.

David Mcdonald has also been endorsed on social media platforms. LinkedIn is the most popular of these. On LinkedIn, he has several connections and multiple endorsements in food service, business, legal regulations, hospitality, executive brand management and more. Check him out today.

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