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Magic Mike XXL Puts On One Last Performance

Magic Mike XXL is the story of the Kings of Tampa, and it chronicles their continued adventures as they make their way to Myrtle Beach for what could be their final performance. The crew packs up to make their way to Myrtle Beach, and plenty of fun happens on the way. A new face in this movie is Crystal Hunt, and she plays one of the love interests named Lauren. This article explores how Magic Mike XXL provides a new viewing experience for Magic Mike fans, and the introduction of Crystal Hunt to movie audiences is covered.

#1: Magic Mike Is Raucous Adventure

Magic Mike follows the trials and tribulations of male strippers who are working a club in Tampa. They are called the Kings of Tampa, and the movie is a dramatization of the early life of Channing Tatum. He came up in the entertainment business as a male dancer, and he wanted to show what the industry is really like. This movie shows the human side of guys who are dancing every night from screaming fans.

#2: Crystal Hunt Is Introduced

Crystal Hunt is featured in her first major role in motion pictures playing Lauren. Her position as a love interest in the movie follows up work she has done previously on daytime TV. Her girlish appearance helps her play younger characters, and she was the perfect choice for a new young fan in Magic Mike XXL.

#3: Crystal’s Daytime Career

Crystal’s daytime TV career began on Guiding Light, and she continued on One Life To Live. Daytime TV was a big break for Crystal, but she always wanted to star in movies. She took a break from daytime TV to appear in a few roles, but now she is starring in a movie that will do extremely well at the box office, and should bump up her Instagram and Facebook fan page numbers.

#4: Magic Mike XXL Is Meant To Be Fun

This is a fun movie about guys who have formed a tightly-knit group. They are all working in the same industry, and they are helping each other get through each performance. The friendships in the movie are believable, and their adventures are adventures anyone would want to have.

Magic Mike XXL has helped introduce Crystal Hunt to movie audiences, and the movie helps show the Kings of Tampa have one last adventure. Anyone who needs a fun movie to watch will find a lot of enjoyment in Magic Mike XXL.