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New Information About Slyce Just Released

Technology Upgrades From Slyce

One of main reasons why a tech company like Slyce keeps investors interested, keeps retailers happy with their relationship with the company and keeps consumers happy with the performance of the application is the technological upgrades that developers keep coming up with. The newest upgrades to Slyce’s platform make the application easier to use, more fun to experience and help the application perform searches better. Slyce’s platform is designed to help consumers find the products that they are asking for without going through traditional means of online shopping. Consumers are able to quickly find what they want by snapping a picture of the object that they are purchasing.

One of the newest upgrades to Slyce allows consumers to not only take a picture of the object, but the consumer can use their device to take a picture of a picture or of a barcode. This means that a consumer can conduct their online shopping search by capturing a picture of a print ad, for instance, or they can use a picture of something they find online to search on the web through Slyce’s portal. This new feature is called Universal Scanner, and Slyce brought it to light on their platform in October of 2015.

Other Changes At Slyce

The Yahoo Finance article that contains a lot of the upgrades on image recognition that happened with Slyce in the last year also sheds some light on new relationships with retailers. The company has signed a contract with Urban Outfitters to offer their products through Slyce’s platform. Users can now search for Urban Outfitters products by snapping pictures of what they see in front of them. The company has also built strong ties with Neiman Marcus, a company that has launched a similar shopping experience for its consumers. Neiman Marcus’ search recognition platform is now run entirely through Slyce’s platform.