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How EOS Became A Millennial Favorite

Over the last seven years, EOS lip balm has become a must have for millennials around the world. Today the company sells over a million lip balms in a single week.

EOS or evolution of smooth was originally founded by Sanjiv Mehra, Jonathan Teller, and Craig Dubitsky. Soon later, Dubitsky decided to leave before the launch of EOS to managed another company. Despite losing a business partner, Mehra and Teller worked to create one the best-selling lip balms on the planet. The two decided to take a different approach by doing what other companies weren’t doing. Targeting the product to only millennial women, the goal was to create a fun, flavorful, and sanitary lip balm.

“We had to make a product and a package that would be seen as useful for a very long time.” Mehra quoted from Fast Company’s article. Once the new innovated product was created, the next hurdle was getting EOS into stores. Many store owners didn’t see the value of EOS until the finally got a meeting with a female buyer at Walgreens. She loved everything about the product from the smell to the little spheres.

The account was successful and quickly brought attention to Amazon,  Walmart, Well and Target, who began stocking the balms on the shelves. EOS continued to grow as they marketed to millennials through various Youtubers, bloggers, celebrities and even partnered with other companies like Keds and Disney. Today, EOS now has a large social media following on Instagram and Facebook and still growing.


EOS continues to grow by now selling shaving creams and hand lotions. They also plan to take on new categories of the beauty industry in the future. To get the full backstory on the company please Fast Company’s article “The Untold Story of Lip balm upstart EOS Outdid Chapstick”.


Evolution Of Smooth Is Enjoying Big Success

Seven years ago the lip balm company Evolution Of Smooth exploded onto the scene. They company used a combination of smart marketing techniques and a unique product that changed the game. They are currently topping the popularity of the one-hundred-year-old Chapstick company. Chapstick had been on top for as long as anyone could remember. Even though there were other lip balms they just didn’t have the right formula of strategies to top them Your text to link….

The creators of EOS knew that they had to approach the market with a fresh approach and a superior product. Part of the EOS appeal is the packaging. It is new and functional. The orb that holds the lip balm is fun looking and delivers the product efficiently. The company also knew that they had to offer new flavors rather than just the traditional flavors such as cherry. They now have several interesting and delicious flavors that customers just love.

People everywhere are now using the product. When EOS lip balm first arrived on the market, celebrities were seen using the fun new lip balms and people everywhere just had to have them. This was another reason that the company began to become so popular so quickly. They now have seen over $350 million in growth since they began seven years ago. The EOS lip balms are featured in businesses all over the country. Most big box store and convenient stores have them located right at the checkout line.

The company is projecting steady growth over the next few years. Customers continue to flock to find their favorite flavors at the local store. The products are also now being sold online thru Ulta and Lucky Vitamin. The company is only surpassed right now by Burt’s Bees.

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