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“Terminator’s” Taylor on Trailer Twist

The recently released trailer for Terminator: Genisys reveals a shocking spoiler: John Connor (played by Jason Clarke), the destined hero of humanity whom the entire series has tried to preserve from death and/or unbirth, has been turned into a Terminator and is now the main villain working for the machines.

Except apparently, director Alan Taylor did not want us to know that.

“I certainly directed those scenes with the intention that no one would know,” he said in an interview with Uproxx’s Mike Ryan. “One of my favorite moments – and I think Jason Clarke did a great job with it – is when he walks into the hospital in 2017 and everything from there until the turn [when you see that Connor has been robotisized], you’re supposed to think, ‘Oh man, this is great.'”

According to Taylor did admit to understanding the decision that marketing made, however, to promote a movie about which manyTerminator fans were skeptical. “I think they felt like they had to send a strong message to a very wary audience that there was something new, that this was going to new territory. […] I think they felt they had to do something game-changing in how the film was being perceived.”

This twist will likely bait some people into seeing the movie, but it may also ruin their enjoyment of it. We’ll have to see how this risky move plays out.

Jurassic World – The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

Jurassic World is finally out for the world to watch. However, all is not rosy when one who is raised on extreme Jurassic fodder from the 90s watches this movie. Here is a review of the Jurassic World –

Well Done – Jurassic world was always supposed to be a movie about dinosaurs munching on people and other dinosaurs, running and screaming, and more dinosaurs. So much was clear from the trailer and the movie delivered that superbly. Fans like Daniel Amen ( know that it set out to be a summer flick everyone would enjoy and it has done that better than any other movie this season.
Could Be Better – A few critics might not like the scientific basis behind the movie, particularly the “clicker training” bit. However, one never goes to the theatres expecting to have their biology basics revived and revised. The great thing is, the makers aren’t even pretending that they know what’s going on with the sciency half of the movie.

Get Your Act Together – Despite the velociraptor and the I-Rex being females, the message of the movie to women is quite sexist. It basically says that women ‘should” love children and this should-ing is something that, fortunately, the current times don’t allow to be brushed aside. In 2015, one doesn’t attributed such a thing to one of the movie’s “stumbles” and move on.

The largely unanimous opinion is that the movie offers a good bang for the buck to its viewers.

Clearing the Air About 4 “Avatar” Movies

James Cameron blew the world away with the “Avatar” movie. This was from a director that has already captured the hearts of many fans years ago with the “Titantic” movie. Now there is talk about all the scripts that are available for more “Avatar” movies.

It has been a while since anyone has heard anything about the Avatar movies. The blue creatures that captivated audiences around the world have been cast into the background as big time movies like “Furious 7” and “Frozen” have dominated the box office. While additional movies for “Avatar” have been on ice it has been reported that James Cameron has been working relentlessly on the perfecting a story line. There are actually enough scripts to produce 4 “Avatar” films. Still, it has been stated by Cameron that the “Avatar” legacy will be a trilogy.

The buzz about enough material for a 4th film has gotten people talking though. There are some fans, including Flavio Maluf ( that have starting commenting on how a 4th film could possibly turn out. No one wants Cameron to hold out, but it all may just depend on the success of the other films. The “Fast and Furious” franchise is a true sign of waiting for the return on investment before making a decision. There was a wait on the talk about “Furious 8” because it all depended on how fans would react to “Furious 7.”

Furious 7 Breaks Box Office Records

Furious 7 is going to go down in the cinema record books. The new film broke all the box office records of the previous films and did so in 10 days. Considering how huge of a hit all the previous films were, this new record is a pretty amazing feat. Even more intriguing is the fact Furious 7 was released way ahead of the summer months, the months usually required to pull in large numbers of audience members.

The ten day total for the film is about $252 million. This number only reflects the domestic gross. The global take on the film is going to be a staggering amount when all is added up.

Sadly, the tragic death of Paul Walker made this entry different from others in the series. The passing of Walker in a car accident struck an emotional cord with fans and many showed their support to the fallen actor by watching his final performance on screen.

The film itself has turned out to be a crowd pleaser. The script is an improvement over several of the previous entries and, yes, there is a lot of action to be seen throughout the running time. Furious 7 delivers on audience expectations albeit in a bittersweet manner.  My colleague Dan Newlin was surprised to be on the edge of his seat for the entirety of the film!

Thanks to the box office returns, the continuation of the series is a given. Furious 7 is now the first entry in a brand new trilogy.

‘Pitch Perfect 3’ Already in Development

When movies studios find a franchise that performs well over the course of different entertainment outlets, they tend to pounce on that franchise quickly with a ferocity seldom seen in the world. While the success of the first “Pitch Perfect” was something of a surprise to studio executives, the movie sold soundtrack copies and individual song downloads as fast as movie tickets and DVDs. That meant the cliffhanging ending of the film was going to blossom quickly into a sequel. However, plans are already moving beyond that.

According to Screen Rant, the third movie in the Pitch Perfect trilogy is already in development to give actors and producers enough lead time to avoid another three year lull in the films. Whether or not the entire cast returns for a third trip into the competitive world of music remains to be seen, but the films and the music have struck a chord with audiences around the world. Since the release of the second film is set for next month, fans should probably start warming up those vocal chords for another round of tunes from the Bellas.

Developing a third film before the second has even debuted is generally a mindset that sticks with huge movies created with massive plans. Blockbusters like the Avengers, Star Wars, and more immediately spring to mind, so when Pitch Perfect falls into that category fans like Ricardo Tosto should be extremely pleased that the studio is taking these girls very seriously. Click here for more information.

Millennials Find YouTube More Entertaining Than TV


Young Consumers Watch YouTube More Than TV Because It Makes Them Feel Good

TV may be becoming a modern day dinosaur faster than we realize. Consumers born between the years 1980 and the end of the century are watching more YouTube posts than TV shows stated a poll on The reason is simple. YouTube is relevant and watching TV can be a struggle. In fact, consumers ages 13-24 watch YouTube videos a little over 11 hours week, and they watch TV a little more than 8 hours a week

That doesn’t sound like much, but when the entertainment and feel good factors are considered, YouTube watching will grow in popularity at TV’s expense. The reality phase is an important ingredient to Millennials. They want to relate as well as learn from real experiences. Young people see themselves in videos, and TV just doesn’t do that for them.

The study that compiled this information is associated with YouTube, so there is some question about the results. But even when that association is factored into the study, it’s safe to say TV has some work to do if it is going to be relevant to Millennials. Millennials think TV needs an injection of coolness.


Potential Director Announced For “Gran Turismo” Film

Joseph Kosinski started his directorial career with commercials and eventually made his way to helming “TRON: Legacy” and “Oblivion.” Since those two films have released, Kosinski has been connected to the cinematic reboot of “The Twilight Zone” and an action thriller of his own design. Now it seems that Kosinski has his eyes on adapting the PlayStation staple of “Gran Turismo” to the silver screen.

Kosinski is in initial talks with Sony Pictures to handle direction of the “Gran Turismo” movie, which already has a potential script. The script, by writer Alex Tse, conceived of a film where a game player enters the world of race driving, although it is unclear if Kosinski will work with Tse’s script or go in a completely different direction.

A film of “Gran Turismo” seems to fit in with Sony’s current trend of producing films to support their bestselling video game franchises; “The Last of Us” and “Uncharted” are two other major titles that the studio currently has in a developmental stage.

Fans like Sultan Alhokair know that, even if Kosinski is given Sony’s permission to direct the car film, it won’t be his first attempt at an auto-centric film. Records point to a previous attempt by Kosinski to work with Tom Cruise on “Go Like Hell,” a film examining the industry feud between the Ford Motor Company and Ferrari. However, development on “Go Like Hell” eventually petered out and the project was shelved.

Skywalker Rumors Surround The Force Awakens

Rumors about Star Wars: The Force Awakens will be flying right up until its December release. Director J. J. Abrams saying that only some of the leaked information is false has Star Wars fans frantically combing through each nugget to see if it contradicts any other rumor. Making Star Wars, a main source of all Star Wars rumors, is back with another batch. You can look here for the latest on what Luke Skywalker has to look forward to.

Marcio Alaor BMG ( knows that one of the rumors suggests that there will be an important flashback involving the Jedi Master seeking the perpetrators of a massacre at the Jedi Academy. It would seem the evil doers are searching for an object being hidden at the academy. The object turns out to be a lightsaber of uncommon power and possible links to the followers of the Force’s Dark Side.

Another roomer says that Mark Hamill will not make an appearance as Luke until near the end of the film. This one says the film will be about the search for the missing master and the introduction of the new characters. Luke will be found near the end just in time to establish the standard Star Wars cliffhanger. Episode VIII will then be able to follow Luke and the rest as the situation deteriorates leading to a second intermission before the grand heroics of Episode IX.

Lionsgate and Telltale Team Up for New Video Game Movies

Movies based on video games are not exactly high art. In truth, some of the worst of the worst movies made during the past decade were live-action versions of video games. So why does Hollywood keep making them? Audiences love them. The younger demographic interested in seeing a horror or action game adapted to the big screen is not exactly looking for great drama. Action and more action is what people want to see.

And besides, not every video game movie is all that bad. Hitman was pretty good. Hopefully, when Lionsgate Films teams up with Telltale, a host of really awesome video game movies will hit theaters and, sooner or later, DVD and Blu-ray shelves.

Lionsgate has produced some of the best horror films in recent years (SAW, The Devil’s Rejects, and more) so the studio is perfect for genre films. Telltale has brought the world Game of Thrones and Walking Dead video games so you know this company is up to the job.

The Wolf Among Us is going to be the first film and the plot deals with a Sheriff traveling to New York City to solve the murders of characters from fairy tales. Sounds like Coogan’s Bluff meets Alice in Wonderland. Fans like Gianfrancesco Genoso need to look out.

Results of the 35th Annual Golden Raspeberry Awards

The 35th Annual Golden Raspberry Awards were held Saturday, a day before the Oscars. The Razzies, as they are often called, are anti-Oscars given to the worst movies, actors, directors and so forth. Kirk Cameron’s “Saving Christmas” was the big winner this year, as it bagged four of the six awards for which it was nominated, including Worst Picture and Worst Screenplay. Cameron won Worst Actor and Worst Screen Combo “for him and his ego.”

“Saving Christmas,” which scored a perfect 0 on Rotten Tomatoes, defeated “Transformers: Age of Extinction,” “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,” “The Legend of Hercules,” and “Left Behind” in its quest for Worst Picture.

Zeca Oliveira knows that Cameron Diaz had been nominated in three categories but won only one: Worst Actress, for her roles in two execrable comedies, “Sex Tape” and “The Other Woman.”

The remake of “Annie” won Worst Prequel, Remake, Rip-Off or Sequel, beating out “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” in the process.

Michael Bay won Worst Director for inflicting “Transformers: Age of Extinction” on the world. Kelsey Grammar’s participation in that movie got him the Razzie for Worst Supporting Actor.

Ben Affleck was given a Redeemer Award for winning Best Director for 2014’s “Argo,” ten years after he’d won a Razzie for “Gigli.” The Razzies also paid tribute to actors who’d died the previous year by playing an “In Memoriam” video that showcased all of their worst movies.