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The new Pathway for Tidal

Though there are companies that are making lots of dollars in the music streaming companies, Tidal is an underdog company that is looking for ways so as to get to the top. Desiree is the leader of the group, and she is working hard and doing everything to ensure that the firm can catch up with the other businesses that have established themselves in the market, such as Spotify and Apple. However, Jay-Z is happy about the progress of the company since he has full trust for Desiree and knows with her leadership skills, they will go far and achieve success that many did not expect.


Since she joined the team, she has been looking for ways to entice people to become members of Tidal. com. She wants the company to stay relevant and be able to compete with the leaders in the industry. The question is, does Desiree have all it takes to make Tidal succeed? Yes, she is not new in management. She has been there, and she will remain there. So, she knows what to do to take the company to significant levels in the music streaming business. The frequent changes in management because of leaders stepping down had upset the stability of the enterprise. A company such as Tidal should be led by powerful leaders who are influential leaders and that are why Desiree came in.

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Jay-Z is not a person to be deterred. He did not even at one point think that his company can collapse. Someone who has experience in music for many years knows what a company needs to be the best. He hired Desiree, and as a result of her entry, the company has begun showing signs of success. There are many users and visitors because Desiree has mastered the art of attracting customers because of her experience in the business. Tidal just needed Desiree to stand firmly on the ground. With her, the company will achieve its goals.