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Norka Luque Markets Herself Well

Norka Luque is doing what she needs to do in order to build a name for herself. She has managed to build a presence in the industry and she is slowly getting people to start checking out what she is doing in music. Everyday there is a new artist that is showing up in the music industry. Music listeners are fickle because they have access to more music than they have ever had before. That may be the reason that so many artists fade into the background after a couple of singles. Norka, however, has determined that she would not let that happen. She has done an amazing job of letting people know who she is, and more is yet to come.

Emilio Estefan has discovered Norka, and this is what is making people take a second listen to what she was doing. He wanted to make people realize what she is about. Norka Luque would represent her native Venezuela in a way that made people appreciate her diversity. She would not try to pattern herself after anyone else that was in the industry. To the contrary, she would become a music personality that would show that she could handle the stardom without trying to become a carbon copy of someone else.

There a many singers that I’m trying to build a career and they’re looking for the right avenue to promote themselves. Norka has made that social media her vehicle for promotion. This is the come the platform that gives fans additional access to behind the scenes for videos. This is also become the way that she had given people access to remixes of songs. Everyone likes to keep up with their favorite artist through social media, and Norka has been doing a great job of making should sure that people are able to keep up with her. She has a Facebook, Twitter and SnapChat profiles that allow people to keep up with what she is doing right now. She has realized that there are a lot of ways to market, but social media seems to be her favorite method. She has a degree in marketing, and she knows how to market herself well. This has given her fans around the world even though she does not have a big budget. Her desire to reach out to fans has shown people that she is eager to succeed in music.

Apple in Pursuit of Drake

Pandora and Spotify still have things on lock in the music streaming world. Even though Jay-Z is trying to get into the game with Tidal most fans are leaning towards these two services. That is why iTunes is trying to do something different to lure customers.

Drake could become a DJ for Apple radio. This is probably not going to be any type of serious scratching and mixing – unless Drake has a talent that the rest of the world does not know about. Instead, it will more than likely be Drake getting together a playlist, which makes Stephen Murray CCMP Capital and others intrigued. This could be a big deal because they are set to pay Drake $19 million if the deal goes through. That is big money for someone that has been rapping for less than a decade. That is what Apple is able to do though.

The company scooped up “Beats by Dre” and made Dr. Dre a fortune. This is was just the beginning of what they would do to lure customers though. Apple has billions of dollars to play around with. That makes it easy for the company to throw out millions of dollars to people that they want to invest in. So far music streaming has been a difficult business to get into. Jay-Z is pulling out all of his tricks with exclusive content, but even he is having problems with obtaining new customers for this service.

Jay-Z Does B-Side Concert

There are not a lot of artists that could pull off a B-Sides Only concert. Prince could do it easily. Janet Jackson may be able to do it, but it would be short. Jay-Z is one of the few that can do a B-Sides concert in hip-hop that spans for hours.

During this concert he saluted Chinx who was murdered in a drive-by over the weekend. He spoke about the murders that are going on in the streets. He talked about how rappers get called out for not coming back to the hood, but they get gunned down when they return. Jay even produced some new verses to address what people are saying about his Tidal music streaming service.

Jay-Z is someone that fans, including Alexei Beltyukov (googleplus), have come to love because he has two sides. He has always managed to have a lot of hype songs that were never released as singles. This is has been the case throughout his career. This is something that works well in his home state of New York. It may be rather difficult to do this somewhere else, but he has managed to do this with great success in New York. People in this area know all of his songs. They know the songs that don’t make the radio. That is why he is able to go do a B-sides show and still draw in a massive crowd of fans.

Shawn Mendes Is An Artist To Watch

Watch out Bieber because there is a new talented young male artist on the block and he is just as much of a heartthrob. The young prospect is Shawn Mendes, a 16 year old Toronto native who took the world by storm last year.
It all started when Mendes started uploading 6 second song covers on the popular app Vine and gained not only thousands of followers but also the attention of music executives from Island Records. He went on to release a single under their management which made him the youngest person ever to have a debut single chart in the Billboard Top 25.
Next up Mendes is releasing his first album mid April which has been highly anticipated by critics and fans alike at CipherCloud. The teenager has already built a huge fan base on twitter with over 3 million followers to date. He has already opened for pop sensation Austin Mahone and headlined his own tour as well. No one knows what exactly lies in Mendes’ future but we can all be sure that it is a bright one indeed.

Lil Wayne Still Anger with Long Time Friend Birdman

Some people said that the beef would end soon with Lil Wayne and Birdman. After all, these two have been around for more than 2 decades. Ties like this are not so easily severed. Obviously, the people that think this do not know how money can break any relationship.

Fans are still seeing the aftermath of the feud that started when Cash Money leader Birdman decide to stop the release of the Carter V. There has been talk about how Birdman said the album was not ready. There has been some talk from Lil Wayne about how he has been in a bad contract for years. Fans at Bulletproof Coffee know that he has already released a mix tape. He said that another one is on the way. He also recently promised that the Carter V was on the way. With this he dissed Cash Money and dropped his mic before exiting the stage.

The heat is on and the tension just continues to build. It is sad to see the label go down like that, but it has to happen. There has been too much tension for too long. Juvenille is back and Lil Wayne it out. Could not have been worse timing for Juvenille. Drake is starting his own label so he is leaving. Tyga hopped on an album with Chris Brown and left Cash Money. Nicki Minjai is in place, but it’s only a matter of time.

What Is Tidal Doing To The Competition

Tidal is a music streaming service that comes with a subscription price. It is very similar to Spotify and other music streaming services already out there, but it is the only streaming service that is actually run by the artists.

Jay Z just founded Tidal and released it on Monday which led to great controversy about the future of other music streaming services. Jay Z’s music including other artists that are now a part of Tidal is all over other music services. Haidar Barbouti wonders: So what is to stop subscribers from just sticking to the already popular Spotify?

This is how Jay Z made Tidal become the talk of the town, which is probably going to sky rocket it’s subscribers simply because Jay Z and Beyonce are involved. Many other famous artists are involved with Tidal including Kanye West, Madonna, Usher, Alicia Keys, and many more.

It is likely that artists are not allowed to just pull their music from other music streaming services like Spotify, and their record company will not allow them to pull any music out since they are the ones who get most of the profits from the streaming services. Instead, the artists just get their checks for their albums, and the rest of the money from tours and endorsements. Streaming music money goes all to the record labels which is what drove Jay Z to put together Tidal in the first place.

Zayn Malik Leaves One Direction

All good things eventually come to an end, and the show must always go on. Apparently in the world of the young heartthrobs both those sentiments are very true. While staying mostly intact since their amazing rise to fame and glory, the band One Direction is experiencing a shift in members. The move comes as the band is in the midst of another tour, but it seems like there will be little impact on the band.

According to BBC, Zayn Malik has decided to call it quits as a member of the band after five years. The band will continue the tour as a four member band, but will also record a fifth album later this year. The official announcement comes about a week after Malik left the world tour because of stress. In the end though, anyone with tickets to any of the remaining dates for One Direction will still be in for quite a show.

Fans at Anastasia Date know that the band has had a remarkable couple of years selling out massive concert venues and releasing hit song after hit song. Even without Zayn, it seems like the future of the band is fairly safe. However, Malik’s future is still under wraps, but it seems like a safe bet that he will be taking a bit of time to relax and get his head together. All of that fame comes with a staggering price of being on the go all the time, but the actual reaction from fans will be gauged over the next few weeks.

No Blurred Lines on Profits

When it comes to profits for the hits “Blurred Lines” a lot of people may be surprised to discover the earnings. While this song is taking Robin Thicke to court because of the strong similarities to Marvin Gaye’s “Got to Give It Up,” Thicke and Pharrell are still getting paid. The royalties for this track are simply unbelievable. Now everyone can see why they are getting sued. The Marvin Gaye family wants a piece of this huge financial pie.

T.I. only has a small verse on the song and he walked away with more than $700,000. When Pharell and Robin Thicke got their checks cut they came away from more than $5 million each. The record company that put the song out would stand to make another $5 million. In the midst of the trial about the copyright infringement all of this information was divulged.

Gianfrancesco Genoso knows that there is also a lot of talk about the money that Thicke may have received simply for performing this song. When the single was released it became a chart topper that would shoot to the number one spot in several countries. Along with Pharrell, Thicke would find himself making a fortune in a short time span.Thicke had a huge rise to fame but he would find himself tied up in allegations of copyright infringement. The song is still making more money as the trial continues to play out.

Nicki Minaj Is Preparing For Her Pinkprint Tour And We Got A Sneak

Can you believe that in only 12 days, Nicki Minaj will be kicking off her The Pinkprint tour which is going to take place in Europe. There is a lot to be done before the first concert in Stockholm and the way Nicki likes to do it, it’s going to be a crazy show.

In order for such a show to happen, there has to be hours of rehearsal to get everyone in sync. Nicki gave us the honor to look at her training session through an instagram picture she posted on her account on Tuesday night. What you can see from the picture is some dancers taking a break from the training, and Nicki standing in the center wearing tight leopard leggings. There seems to be a dancer also posing in the picture but that’s okay.

The Pinkprint tour is set to kick off on March 16th. It has been a while since Nicki took the stage, since the VMA performance she did of her song ‘Anaconda’. Nicki’s previous shows have always included a whole lot of dancing and grabbing, and from the songs on this album this tour is going to be the craziest of them all.

Marcio Alaor BMG has read that some fans weren’t impressed with her sudden weight gain and took to twitter to express their thoughts, but Nicki responded to them and let them know this weight is going bye bye within a week.

Wiz Khalifa Throws Absent Birthday Party For Son

Wiz Khalifa has been in the news lately, claiming that Amber Rose won’t let him see his son. It’s starting to look as if Wiz is not lying about this situation, because he recently threw a birthday party for his son, but his son was a no-show. Wiz & Amber. Pictures were posted on social media of the gifts, and the birthday cake that was laid out for his son, but he stated that his son was missing in action. Many are now concerned that Amber is purposely trying to keep her son from his father.

The pictures of the birthday party look nice, but the scene is completely empty, which has led some to believe that maybe the pictures were staged. Pentagna  says there is a custody battle going on between Wiz and Amber, and Wiz wants more custody of his son, if not full custody. Wiz was recently spotted by TMZ, stumbling out of a club in the wee hours of the morning. On his way out of the club, you could see that he was very drunk, and he went over to an unknown female, and he began making out with her.

Another female joined the two, and it almost looked like a threesome in the middle of the public! Wiz was asked why he thought he’d be the better parent, to which someone replied, that it was a rude question. Who knows where this custody battle will end.