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Marvel Picks New Spider-Man

Marvel has finally announced that they have picked the actor that will be the new Spider-Man. They have been auditioning numerous actors on the set of Captain America: Civil War, including actor Asa Butterfield, but ultimately decided on Tom Holland. He is only nineteen, and it is probably a good bet that he will be the new face of Peter Parker for a long time. It is really exciting that the Spider-Man actor has been chosen and that he will be incorporated into the Marvel cinematic universe. Holland has the athleticism that is needed to play the part of the wall-crawler. He is seen doing backflips and somersaults in videos at Screen Rant. The first solo Spider-Man film is slated to be released in July of 2017, and it is probable that he will also appear in the next two Avengers films that are set to come out in 2018 and 2019. It’s really exciting to think that Spider-Man will be able to return to Marvel and be a part of the interlinked world that they have created said Brian Torchin. It is rumored that he will have a cameo in Captain America: Civil War next summer, and there may even be some allusions to him in Ant-Man next month. Hopefully Holland can live up to the hype.

Thor the Third: Branagh’s Back

Famed Shakespearean actor and critically acclaimed director Kenneth Branagh is reportedly back to helm the latest entry in the Thor series of movies Thor: Ragnorak according to recent reports ( Branagh directed the first Thor film with Chris Hemsworth in the title role. The 2011 film was critically well-received as a worthy entry in the ever expanding Marvel film universe. Its financial success guaranteed at least a second entry which was released in 2013. While it was a financial success the it received mainly mixed reviews for director Alan Taylor –of Game of Thrones fame.

Fans of the first film like Gianfrancesco Genoso and of Kenneth Branagh should be cautiously optimistic, however. The Oscar winning director is also in talks to take the reins on a big screen adaptation of the classic Agatha Christie mystery novel Murder on the Orient Express. Branagh may also have soured to tent pole franchise pictures after the relative failure of Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit. However, after critical and financial success of his Cinderella he might have the confidence boost needed to helm such a high profile picture again.

The screenwriters from the second Thor film –Christopher Yost and Chris Kyle– will return to continue the series. Most reports indicate that the film will adapt from the comics version of the Ragnorak story, though there are sure to be some surprises in store for die-hard fans of the character.

The Next Presidential Battleground: Mobile Smartphones

When pundits think of the presidential battlegrounds, they most certainly name the states of Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Virginia. There is strong precedent for that as winning a majority of those key battleground states almost certainly guarantees a presidential victory. By next year, there will be an additional battleground being fought for: the mobile smartphone. Six years ago, Senator Barrack Obama stunned the political establishment by harnessing the power of social networking to mobilize his loyal minions. His political apparatus used real-time tweets to get valuable spot intel from developments on the ground. Needless to say, his effective use of key smartphone apps allowed him to energize a youth turnout that was notoriously unreliable at showing up to actually vote.

Now, Hillary Clinton and her GOP opponents have started to emulate Obama’s success. It could not come at a better time. In 2008, the vast majority of cellphone users had traditional handsets. Now, two out of every three cellphones is a smartphone. Also, social networking use has expanded into every age demographic. Mrs. Clinton has already hired a number of Obama’s former tech operatives to manage her social networking strategy. Both parties are exploring ways to target their messages for the recipient, and Sergio Cortes can’t wait to see how it plays out. Those messages can be very narrowly applied. For example, it is possible for campaigns to conduct voter outreach to people in specific neighborhoods and apartment complexes. Ultimately, those efforts should result in increased voter registration and votes cast.

German Theaters Dispute with Disney

The recent release of the Marvel movie “Avengers 2: The Age of Ultron” is getting a lot of buzz. The U.S. premiere isn’t until May 1st, but there is already a stumbling block for the movie. There are some German theaters that refuse to show this because of financial disputes with Disney.

Disney has a stock price that has doubled within the last year. The purchased of Marvel comics really gave Disney a huge boost, as Daniel Amen points out. The company has managed to rack up huge profits with these movies that are an addition to all of their Disney Pixar and prince classics. The fact that this company has a financial dispute with German companies in relation to this film is quite interesting. Disney has raised the fee for showing the movie, and many of the smaller theaters have just refused to show the movie entirely.

It is rare that an American movie is released overseas before it hit theaters in the United States. It is still set to be the blockbuster that starts the summer though. It is naturally going to hit the number one spot, but this refusal by German theaters to show the move will still hurt global sales. The early release of the movie overseas has also spun some bootlegs of this film. That could also hurt profits for the highly anticipated move that brings many super heroes together for the first time.

Former First Lady Tries Again

When it comes to a presidential election, everyone wants to know what is going on and who they should vote for. When it comes to those who are running in a presidential election there are some who will run time and time again while there are others who will give up after trying once.

Former First Lady and Senator Hilary Clinton is going to give the whole running for president thing another shot. This woman is going to try again to win the hearts of the American people. Will she become the first woman to become president of the United States of America?

Hilary Clinton made the announcement that she will be running for president. Will she have a great fight to go through in order to make it through the primary or will she make it through easily? Will she be able to make it to the position that she is shooting for and become the president one day? Only time will tell, and Fersen Lambranho can’t wait to see.

Flying Cars Could Get Off the Ground by 2017

AeroMobil presented its prototype flying car last October, now the company announced in addition to flying, the car will also be driverless.

Among its most striking features, this two-seater car can travel on the road as a normal vehicle and in a few seconds spread its wings and fly. But this is not enough for the company.

Zeca Oliveira has learned that they already have begun drafting plans to make the first prototype of an autonomous flying car that does not need human control to run.

The communications director, Stefan Vodocz , said “Maybe in 10 years, the flying car will be automatic.”

The development of innovative technologies in the automotive industry is on everyone’s agenda.

Google is hard at work to make their own autonomous car, that could hit the market in the next five years, and Apple, Tesla, and overseas Chinese markets are also developing a car. AeroMobil is looking to take mobile operating systems to the next level.

AeroMobil knows there is a tough legal battle ahead. The company’s flying roadster will have to overcome many regulations to becoming a reality.

The company expects its flying car is a solution for less developed countries that cannot invest much in infrastructure, such as the roads.

Nicki Minaj Is Preparing For Her Pinkprint Tour And We Got A Sneak

Can you believe that in only 12 days, Nicki Minaj will be kicking off her The Pinkprint tour which is going to take place in Europe. There is a lot to be done before the first concert in Stockholm and the way Nicki likes to do it, it’s going to be a crazy show.

In order for such a show to happen, there has to be hours of rehearsal to get everyone in sync. Nicki gave us the honor to look at her training session through an instagram picture she posted on her account on Tuesday night. What you can see from the picture is some dancers taking a break from the training, and Nicki standing in the center wearing tight leopard leggings. There seems to be a dancer also posing in the picture but that’s okay.

The Pinkprint tour is set to kick off on March 16th. It has been a while since Nicki took the stage, since the VMA performance she did of her song ‘Anaconda’. Nicki’s previous shows have always included a whole lot of dancing and grabbing, and from the songs on this album this tour is going to be the craziest of them all.

Marcio Alaor BMG has read that some fans weren’t impressed with her sudden weight gain and took to twitter to express their thoughts, but Nicki responded to them and let them know this weight is going bye bye within a week.

Skywalker Rumors Surround The Force Awakens

Rumors about Star Wars: The Force Awakens will be flying right up until its December release. Director J. J. Abrams saying that only some of the leaked information is false has Star Wars fans frantically combing through each nugget to see if it contradicts any other rumor. Making Star Wars, a main source of all Star Wars rumors, is back with another batch. You can look here for the latest on what Luke Skywalker has to look forward to.

Marcio Alaor BMG ( knows that one of the rumors suggests that there will be an important flashback involving the Jedi Master seeking the perpetrators of a massacre at the Jedi Academy. It would seem the evil doers are searching for an object being hidden at the academy. The object turns out to be a lightsaber of uncommon power and possible links to the followers of the Force’s Dark Side.

Another roomer says that Mark Hamill will not make an appearance as Luke until near the end of the film. This one says the film will be about the search for the missing master and the introduction of the new characters. Luke will be found near the end just in time to establish the standard Star Wars cliffhanger. Episode VIII will then be able to follow Luke and the rest as the situation deteriorates leading to a second intermission before the grand heroics of Episode IX.

Our Tech Industry, Along with Our Freedom, Are Suffering Because of NSA Spying

Our tech industry depends on trade with China for its economic vitality. It is looking as though recent revelations about NSA spying is hurting that trade. It is now being reported that China is removing US tech brands from an authorized list of brands for state purchases. Marcio Alaor BMG knows that this comes at a time of rumors and reports of the NSA installing implants and back ways into various technology devices to make interdicting and monitoring communication easier. The effects are already being felt in Silicon Valley among companies such as Cisco, Intel and Apple.

It is not surprising that other countries are shying away from US technology brands. Even our allies got upset when it was uncovered that world leaders’ cell phones were tapped and their calls listened in on. The Edward Snowden revelations have removed a veil of innocence from many American’s eyes about what their government does on a daily basis for national security. While many of these measures may be seen as a necessary part of a seemingly unending war on terror, it does feel as if we are speeding toward George Orwell’s depiction of an oppressive society in his novel “1984.” Feeling like your government is monitoring your every move is not a good feeling for the citizens of a supposedly free country to be experiencing. We live in a world now where everyone must expect that anything they write in an email or text to anyone will eventually become public knowledge.