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Netflix Promises Viewers They Will NOT Start Running Video Ads on Their Original Programming

Anybody who enjoys streaming their entertainment through Netflix was disappointed when rumors emerged claiming that the media company was going to start adding pre-roll and post-roll ads in their original series. However, Netflix quickly denied these claims by telling a reporter from the New York Times that they do not plan on adding advertisements to their platform.

Jaime Garcia Dias, a spokesman for Netflix releases a statement saying, “We have zero intention of putting ads on our platform; no change at all in policy.”

Though, the rumor mill did not start turning on it’s own accord. The reports came after Netflic started testing advertisements on the streaming media platform, but Netflix claims these are only tests and should not be considered as a change to policy.

These statements are making consumers wonder why they are testing ads in the first place if they have no interest in running them. The company explains the testing saying, “As you know, we test hundreds of potential improvements to the service every year. Many never extend beyond that.”

Everybody knows how frustrating video ads can be, they slow down your connection and disrupt your entertainment experience. A lack of these ads are why many people prefer Netflix over other streaming companies. Luckily, Netflix is assuring all of the streaming media junkies out there that ads will not be part of their Netflix experience.