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Retailer Web Services Puts Out New Online Reputation Management Software

With online reviews becoming so prevalent in today’s retail world, it’s becoming very important for businesses to know what’s being said about them by whom. So now companies are starting to hire online management specialists, but also marketing companies are developing digital reputation software for these occasions. The latest such development is WebFronts Review, software put out by Retailer Web Services (RWS) at its MEGA Group USA convention. This software is keeping companies on track by letting them know where their brand is being mentioned, and how to address the users talking about them.
This software comes with a comprehensive monitoring system that can scan the web for a business name, and comments about a customer experience. It has a full alert system that lets the business know either via text or email when something is said, and administrators can get to where the review was posted in one click. Probably the best feature about the software is it has built-in suggestions for responses, so if a customer posts a complaint, the professional response is available to post immediately.

Also, WebFronts engages with all the customers whether satisfied or dissatisfied through an automated email system. If a customer likes the business, they’re guided to a company review page, but if not they can send a complaint email to customer service. But also all the good reviews posted about a company can be posted to Facebook with WebFronts.

Online reputation and crisis management are now starting to become as big a part of marketing as ad campaigns. More so because people tend to believe what’s said about a company on review sites and social media, and search engines tend to bring bad publicity up to the top. But we can expect to see more software like WebFronts hitting the market soon as the demand for reputation management grows higher.