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How To Do Online Reputation Management

The power of the web is both blessing and cursing certain businesses. You need to be ahead of the game in the world of reputations. Your business can be at a loss in an instant in this generation if you aren’t proactive to handling the bad reviews that may come your way if you aren’t that careful. Reviews are so easy to post online, and people can say so many things about a business almost within an instant.

Websites like Yelp or TripAdvisor makes it a thousand times easier to find a business, leave a review, and either benefit or hurt the business with what they said. When bad press starts to grow on a business, it’s easy for some to close down because of their reputation.

How To Do Online Reputation Management

To do it right, you need to first check where your business is receiving comments and reviews. Just typing in your business’s name into Google can help you find out what others are saying. You can also look for a list of review sites and see if your brand is already receiving such comments. Yelp, TripAdvisor, and any other site that is similar is a good place to start. If there aren’t much bad things being said about your business, you can at least avoid it by monitoring these sites and replying to the comments that do try to bring you down.

Status Labs is an online company that focuses primarily on fixing these issues. If you are dealing with horrible comments online and they are beginning to affect your business, it’s best to really get the help that you need. Status Labs is owned and operated by Darius Fisher, and he has worked with some of the best marketing companies in the world today. They have some of the most extensively experienced marketers who can help your brand stand out online without the bad reviews. Your brand can continue growing if you know what to do and you know how to protect your brand from a bad reputation online.

For those who don’t know exactly who Darius Fisher is, he has achieved numerous recognition and awards across the digital platform online from countless brands and programs. He is known for his successful systematic approach to repairing a damaged online media platform. As president of Status Labs, Darius Fisher continues to work with clients around the globe with his 30+ staff in multiple offices around the world.

The Story Of North Korean Human Rights Activist Yeonmi Park

Oppression in North Korea

North Korea is a totalitarian state. It’s leader Kim Jong Un, uses brutal tactics to keep the population under his control. Freedom of speech is non-existent in this country. North Korea has been labeled a hermit kingdom because of its complete isolation from the rest of the world. Speaking out against the government is punishable by death, imprisonment and torture. People are taught to obey the government and worship the military dictator Kim Jung Un as if he was a god. Brainwashing begins in childhood and continues throughout adulthood. Disobeying the government is a crime in itself in North Korea. Hundreds of thousands of people are killed or sent to horrific labor camps in North Korea for minor offenses such as watching a movie, or attempting to access the internet.

The government controls the media in North Korea. Watching foreign channels and listening to radio stations broadcast outside of North Korea is forbidden. The internet is censored and only a select handful of people close to the military dictator internet access. The penalty for breaking these restrictions could result in death and imprisonment in a labor camp. Travel abroad is also forbidden and those who are caught sneaking across the border to another country are shot on sight. North Korea’s government is considered the most oppressive regime in the world. The North Korean government uses a combination of fear, mass propaganda, oppression and brutality to stifle freedom and subjugate its people.

Yet despite the isolation and oppression a glimmer of hope exists in North Korea. People risk everything to be connected to the outside world and find out what happens outside their country. Some people even try to escape from the dictatorial regime by sneaking across the border. These people driven by desperate measures or by the search of freedom risk their lives to experience what we take for granted. Those who make it out alive, reveal what life is like in North Korea. Many also lead efforts to raise awareness of the human rights abuses in the country.

North Korean Human Rights Activist Yeonmi Park

One such person who managed to sneak across the North Korean Chinese border and make it to freedom in South Korea is Yeonmi Park. She fled North Korea when she was only 13 years old. She risked getting shot, and freezing to death as she traveled across frozen lakes and rivers in bitter cold weather. In China she had to hide, as authorities in China would deport her back to North Korea. To reach safe haven in South Korea Yeonmi had to navigate an underground railroad from Mongolia where she would be safe from Chinese authorities who could deport her.

In China, many North Korean woman are sold into prostitution and are treated as second class. She witnessed this treatment of her mother firsthand as she protected her from Chinese dealers. Now a college student in Seoul, Yeonmi Park has become an international figure for human rights on youngvoicesadvocates in North Korea. She travels around the globe where she shares her testimony of the horrors of life in North Korea and how difficult it is for North Koreans to comprehend the concept of freedom after being brainwashed for decades. Park gained international fame when she spoke out at a human rights conference in Dublin, Ireland in a heartfelt speech that was applauded. She has also written a book that describes her life in North Korea, her recovery from brainwashing and how North Korea needs help and can change.