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Eric Pulier: An Entrepreneur With A Purpose

One thing that gives entrepreneurs an edge over the typical employee is that he often has a purpose behind what he is doing. This is one thing that gets him to pull through with his business. Eric Pulier is someone who is able to pull through so that he will be able to help others with different issues. Among the issues that he is willing to deal with is chronic illness for children. This is one of the reasons that he has set up a website that allows children with chronic illnesses to share their experiences. The website is called Starbright World.

Eric Pulier is also a philanthropist. This is one of the reasons that he is always working on something that could solve some more of the problems of humanity. This is one thing that gives him a lot to look forward to. To go along with his philanthropy, he is also a donor to several different organizations. He believes in making a difference in the lives of many different people. Therefore, he does everything he can when it comes to different issues in the lives of people. Also, his unlimited income allows him the opportunity and the compassion.

People that experience success as entrepreneurs get to enjoy the freedom that comes with it. This brings about less pressure and more of a willingness to do different activities that are designed to make the world a better place. Another thing when it comes to his philanthropy is that he sits on the seat of innovation of the X-Prize Foundation. One of the reasons he is involved is that he does not want to be the only person that is solving the problem of humanity. He is willing to help others that are involved in this project of coming up with different solutions.

Dick DeVos: Supporting Health, Education, and the Community Through Charity

The DeVos family gave away 90.0 million dollars through their family foundations in 2013. Nearly half of that amount supported private and public universities, public K-12, and Christian schools plus organizations that offer educational services. These donations come down to four general categories: health and community, education, arts and culture, faith-based groups and church. According to IRS records, the donations by the DeVos family do not support political issues or candidates. The analysis by MLive showed that 60 million dollars went mostly to organizations in Michigan especially in the Grand Rapids region. Read the full article here:


One member of the DeVos family stands out due to his great business career and philanthropy. Currently, he is the president of The Windquest Group. During the progression of his business career, he has also held executive positions at Orlando Magic and Amway. During his nine years as president of Amway, the company operated in 50 countries and during his last fiscal year, sales went up to 4.5 billion dollars. Under his leadership, Amway tripled international sales and opened new markets. He was also president of Orlando Magic for three years, and during this time, the team was one of the top performers in the NBA.


Apart from business roles, Dick DeVos has led a number of community initiatives meant to improve lives. His Education Freedom Fund awarded more than 4,000 scholarships to the underprivileged children of West Michigan Aviation Academy. He has chaired/co-chaired various regional healthcare improvement programs and has also served on Michigan’s Board of Education. In 1997, he published a New York Times best seller. “Rediscovering American Values,” which is obtainable in seven languages.


Apart from business and charity, DeVos enjoys participating in other events such as sailing and flying.



When I first learned about Dick DeVos, I was touched by his kindness. Very few wealthy people contribute such vast amounts of money on non-profit social programs to help people improve their health and standard of living. It is clear that Mr. DeVos likes to share his blessings with others people, especially the underprivileged. Due to his immense experience, he continues to give inventive solutions to many social problems. The DeVos family donates to reforms in Michigan and all over the United States through a number of nonprofit roles.It is a truly noble passion.