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Andrea McWilliams – Offering Highly Effective And Impactful Political Consultancy Services In Austin

Andrea McWilliams is a prominent name in the State of Texas in both the finance as well as the political sphere. Her firm, McWilliams Political Affairs Consultant, is one of its kind political consultancies in the country, offering services to both the political parties in a straightforward manner. Andrea McWilliams runs the McWilliams political consultancy firm with the help of her husband, Dean McWilliams, who is also a highly reputed figure in the world of politics.

Andrea McWilliams is one of the most influential political strategists and lobbyists in Austin and has a robust network in the state and the rest of the country, which is why she can hold massive fundraising campaigns to support the political parties of her clients. Andrea McWilliams has featured on many media networks, including Fox News, USA Today, BBC, CNN, Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, and more. In the political circle of Texas, Andrea McWilliams has a huge network, and in the year 2017, Andrea was the only lobbyist profiled in Texas Monthly’s favorite feature named “Power,” along with Speaker of the House, Lieutenant Governor, and Governor.

Over the years, Andrea McWilliams has many awards, including the “Style Setter” award at the Austin Fashion Week, “Profiles in Power” award by Austin Business Journal and “2016 Texas Businesswoman of the year Finalist” award by Texas Women’s Chamber of Commerce. Earlier in her career, she was even given the reputed “Austin under 40” award by the state. Her acumen as a leader and an excellent communicator was noticed very early in her age of 21, when she became the chief of staff at a public relations company named Public Strategies, Inc.

Andrea McWilliams is on the board of many non-profit organizations, including Elizabeth Ann Seton Hospital, Arthouse, Austin Children in Crisis, Mexi-Arte Museum, Rise Across Texas Challenge, Texas Lyceum, and more.