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Protests in Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro out

Most of the citizens in Venezuela don’t want Nicolas Maduro as president for their country anymore, which has been proven when they voted for the opposition in congressional elections in December. However, the state institutions didn’t let the opposition pass legislation by blocking the congress and this week Maduro said that the congress has already lost its legitimacy.
The result came from the streets of Caracas as reported by Danilo Diaz Granados, where the opposition moved and citizens demanding to recall the referendum. In recent weeks larger protests are happening more and more often, wanting Nicolas Maduro out.

Recently, there were at least three protests added Diaz Granados, where protesters were trying to reach the headquarters of the electoral body. However, police stopped them by throwing tear gas into the crowds.

Nicolas Maduro declared a state of emergency and gave himself a 60- day of decree power, and as for an explanation he mentioned that it was needed to guard against US meddling. The opposition, however, rejected that. Maduro then was accused for working with the US against him.

The Venezuelan opposition handed about 1.8 million signatures in order to recall a referendum against the president Nicolas Maduro. The right- wing of opposition had 30 days to collect signatures in 23 states nationwide.

The opposition leader, Henrique Castilles demands that Maduro leaves the office, and mentioned that thousands of signatures proved that the citizens of Venezuela don’t want this socialist president as their leader anymore.