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Pet Stores Making Room for New Trends in Dog Food

Twenty years ago, pet owners had limited choices in dog food selection. That seems to be changing quite drastically and quite rapidly – and grocery and pet stores will need to add more shelves to support this growing tidal wave of high quality, gourmet pet food selections that are entering the marketplace. Not only is the trend towards higher quality standards, such as, fresh ingredients and less preservatives, pet owners are seeking to feed their dogs more human-like menu choices. Add to that the blossoming trend toward organic, gluten free, low calorie and high-density nutrition super foods sweeping the country, maybe it was only a matter of time before pet owners were willing to part with hard earned bucks to supply the same for their pets.

One popular trend is to feed your dog what its wolf ancestors would have eaten hundreds of years ago; commonly termed the Paleo Diet and would feature raw chicken or beef with vegetables like kale, sweet potatoes and spinach. Even big name companies like Purina, with it’s recent purchase of Merrick Pet Care, the first manufacturer of certified organic, wet and dry dog food, will be in a position to capitalize on this trend. Merrick already has a BackCountry dog food line featuring recipes such as Pacific Catch and Game Bird. To extend on those wildlife recipes would put Purina in good stead with this sector of pet owners.

Beneful has been leading the gourmet recipe trend with its line of Old World style recipes, which include Romana Style, Mediterranean Style and Tuscan Style Medleys. Each of these recipes feature either lamb, beef or chicken with ample portions of Paleo type vegetables, such as tomatoes, spinach, carrots, brown rice. Available in cans with a rich sauce making them perfect for mixing with the Beneful Original dry kibble. In this way, especially for bigger dogs with larger appetites, owners can create delicious meals without spending excessively. As dog food selections such as those offered by Purina Beneful continue to serve up quality, tasteful and healthy recipes, it seems as if owners are willing to splurge on their furry friends.