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Securus Technologies: A Company You May Not Know, But You Should

You probably haven’t heard of a company called Securus Technologies. I hadn’t until a few weeks ago. They keep a pretty low profile due to the nature of their work, but in their industry, technology and security, they are the big dogs. They are the go-to for, well, really a massive variety of technology services that focus on security. And not just one security sector, from government information management to parolee tracking to in-facility services for correctional institutions, I am in awe at how many different organizations and sectors their services are utilized by.


Securus Technologies calls Dallas, Texas home, but has a variety of offices across North America to serve the 2,600 correctional facilities the company works with – and a total of over 3,000 institutions including law enforcement bodies and government entities. Securus also has served over 1 million inmates that use their services for access to phone calls. However, the security aspect is also protecting us when inmates make those phone calls. Phone calls are monitored and often result in the finding of information that helps law enforcement detect and stop criminal activity or wrongdoing before it even occurs thanks to the recordings of those calls.


I sourced a few examples of how their technology has been concretely applied in relation to the correctional system. These examples all came from actual clients of Securus Technologies:

  1. By utilizing their phone monitoring software, officials were able to obtain a search warrant that helped them arrest a corrupt employee.
  2. A monitored phone call revealed an inmate was coaching his brother to lie about his alibi on the stand and the information was used as evidence in his trial.
  3. Monitored calls revealed illegal activity inside a prison, including selling of drugs and alcohol.

To read the full PR Newswire article you can find it here.


BICSI Accreditation Adds To Securus Technologies’ Reputation

Based in Dallas, Texas, Securus Technologies is a leading corporation in technology as well as public safety solutions. From its specialization, the company has over the years enjoyed a significant stake in the US correctional facilities. From the huge client base, the company serves over one million inmates in North America. Derived from its technological base, Securus Technologies has managed to develop solutions that facilitate the management of correctional facilities. These products include among others Investigator Pro 4.0 and Video Visitation. With these products, correctional facilities are better poised to manage correctional facilities’ investigations as well as inmate visitations.


It is from the power of innovation that Securus Technologies continues to be recognized as a leader in this field. The company has added the Building Industry Consulting Service International Installer (BICSI) 1 Certification to its specialists is a testament to the same. BICSI certification is in line with the company’s operations because it focuses on design, installation as well as maintenance of ICT related projects. Possession of these specialists is also a clear indication of the company’s capacity to handle projects of great magnitude. Considering the wide operations of BICSI, Securus Technologies is now poised for expansion to a possible over a hundred countries. Despite the increased competition, Securus Technologies can now be assured that its expertise is of high quality.


The BICSI certification is a prestigious recognition that will boost the company’s standing as well as increase its competitiveness. The accreditation is one of the many that it has managed to clinch over the years giving it a high rating in the field. However, these accreditations are well in line with the rising standards or industry requirements. In addition, they will enhance its performance considering the high standards required in correctional facilities. With the increased completion in the ICT field, it is imperative to ensure that the certification works to the benefit of the organization by enhancing its profitability. BICSI’s authentication like other leading certifications is essential in ensuring that a business offers the best service possible.