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Rocketship Education Reflects on First Decade

This year marks ten years since the first Rocketship Education school opened their doors to students in a small church basement in San Jose, California. While they have made tremendous progress during their first decade, the leaders at Rocketship Education recently took time to reflect on the things they have learned over the years and speaks of the improvements to come.

While they started with a purpose of teaching children, Rocketship Education has learned quite a bit from their students and communities in their early stages. Always looking for ways to improve the quality of life for those in and around their student communities, Rocketship Education has always been an advocate for community involvement. Children are a product of their environment, and leaders at Rocketship believe that success starts at home, and within their communities. Fueled by this belief, Rocketship now aims to change the dynamic of relationships between parents, teachers, and students. Through parent and teacher interviews, and the use of technology, they hope to achieve their goal of complete involvement both from student families and surrounding communities.

Reaching beyond the classroom, Rocketship Education is also dedicated to the empowerment of both students and parents. Through their parent leadership program, Rocketship hopes to empower parents and families to exercise their rights and power in reference to education and politics within their communities. While the system is designed for the early learner, leaders at Rocketship want to see students succeed far beyond elementary education. To ensure their students continued success, Rocketship encourages parents and families to advocate for better middle schools and high schools in their area.

For so many families, quality education seems far out of reach. Every child deserves the right to fair and equal education. Rocketship Education has opened the doors for thousands of students and families, helping them reach their full potential, and soar to the top, one student at a time.