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The Decorating Philosophy of Richard Mishaan Design

Richard Mishaan Design is a company that provides building architecture, landscape architecture, and interior design services. It was founded by Richard Mishaan and is located in New York City. He is very experienced in both luxury and quality and is a highly sought out designer. Additionally, he is a published author who has written two books.

Richard Mishaan was born in Columbia and moved to the United States while he was a teenager. He attended both New York University and the Columbia University School of Architecture where he earned his bachelor’s degree. Before founding Richard Mishaan Design he learned his craft while working for Philip Johnson in New York.

Modern Luxury and Artfully Modern are the two books that Richard Mishaan has authored. Artfully modern came out in November 2014 while Modern Luxury was published in May 2009. Both books feature both photos of some of the rooms he has designed as well as his decorating philosophies. They are meant to be coffee table books where people can peruse the pages in any order.

While Richard Mishaan Design is focused on luxury, one of the things that Richard Mishaan doesn’t care for when people don’t like a room simply because it isn’t expensive enough for their tastes. He says that having an eye for design is far more important than how much money is spent creating the look of a room. He has also added that another good way to save money when decorating a room is to buy good quality items to begin with as they will last far longer.

A type of design that Richard Mishaan Design is known for is mixing different styles and the tell-tales of different eras in a way that stands out. Richard Mishaan Design is also known for making use of a lot of different colors which come together in surprising ways.