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Learn a few Success Tips from Nick Vertucci and His Academy

As we all know, the turnabout of one’s life comes with a change of decisions and hard work. No hard work goes unpaid because if you put more efforts in your endeavors, your outcome is better than the previous one. Nick Vertucci is an example of the success that most people are longing to have. Nick is the CEO and founder of Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy (NVREA). Previously, he had opened a business where he was selling computer parts. It is at that time that he got married and became a father to three beautiful daughters. His business was successful until the Dot Com Crash of 2000 came about.

All his finances dissolved and his life went back into scratch because Nick Vertucci had not prepared to invest for future. Fortunately, his friend invited him to a three days real estate seminar as his guest. It is in that seminar that Nick found a way to get out of his finical strains. Nick felt rejuvenated and inspired, and he studied about real estate investments without giving up. Eventually, he developed a simple and straightforward system of making money from real estate.

Vertucci decided to share his system with other people so that they could also free themselves from debt and make their lives better. According to Nick, he has realized that many people have the drive and desire to improve their lives through investing, but they lack knowledge. Through his academy, Nick is always available for all who want to make a change in their life.

Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy was founded in the year 2013 and has been educating its students to help them invest for their future. Nick created this academy after retiring as a police officer. This academy teaches all the students how to sell any real estate property at a profit. Flipping with Nick helps you to become successful as NVREA act as your mentor throughout the whole period until you get paid.

Nick implements a simple ‘get in, get out, and get paid’ strategy where they help you buy a house at a lower price. During the flipping period, the Nick system covers you against any loss that you might incur. After you sell the house at a profit, you get paid for your work.

Today, Nick is a mentor, host of ‘The Real Estate Flipping Hour’ radio program and a coach. The turnabout of your life is by investing with Flip with Nick system.

Nick Vertucci’s Determination Led Him To Success In Real Estate

The story of Nick Vertucci is a true reflection of the right attitude to overcome challenges in life. Years later, he is now the leader of a real estate firm. Raised in a loving family, Nick grasped the basis of leadership at a young age. He lost his father at the age of 9. This was a challenging moment in his life because his mother had t work on filling his father’s shoes as the bread winner. Nick’s life was now plagued with challenges and sleeping in a van was just one of them. He however, kept the faith and worked hard to establish himself.




Nick Vertucci invested in a computer parts vending business. He describes this as the miracle that transformed his life. He was dedicated to growing the business by expanding services. According to him, being his own boss was a huge success. He later settled down by marrying. His family was his rock of living. Wading through the challenges that life threw at him, Nick bumped into another shocking disappointment in 2002. His business crushed in losses where he lost everything. With a family to raise, he was depressed. Nick describes that episode as his worst with him having the wrong mentality towards investment. Suffering for 18 months without a source of income, Nick was determined to wade through the murky inconveniences yet again.


 Real Estate


Nick’s life changed when a friend invited him to a real estate workshop. He was motivated to join the team by investing in the business. Keenly listening to what the speaker was saying, Nick hardly grasped the entire agenda. Surprisingly, he was relieved because he was determined to succeed. Feeling inspired, Nick Vertucci was reenergized and determined to work for real estate. That marked the beginning of his real estate firm. Now a millionaire, Nick owns one of the leading real estate firms with an averagely large employee base. He is determined to transform people’s lives by teaching them the ropes of real estate and how to invest in the business.


The Firm


Nick Vertucci owns NVREA system, a real estate software that connects investors to clients and numbers. Being a game of numbers, Nick helps people to land the best deals by attracting clients. After attracting clients, he focuses on providing the best rates in the market. For Nick Vertucci, clients come first. He has set a trending pace for real estate business by initiating a platform that works well for investors and clients. He is determined to grow the business by growing prospective clients.

A look at Dr. Mark Mckenna

Recently, Dr. Mark McKenna founder of OVME sat down with Ideamensch and participated in an interview. This Interview showed a lot about the mentality and work ethic that had led to his success. Dr. McKenna finds a unique balance between work and play. An example given is one of his average days, which begins with time with his daughter, then work, after which he makes it a point to have dinner with the family before heading to Jiu Jitsu and then working some more before bed. He also attributes his success to surrounding himself with an intelligent and capable team. Dr. McKenna Also speaks highly of the power of visualization and often finds time in his day to meditate.

Dr. McKenna has a Medical doctoral license in surgery and medicine from Georgia and Florida state boards and he graduated from Tulane University medical school. After graduating, he launched McKenna Venture Investments, which proved to be an excellent stepping stone to furthering his business interests in New Orleans. Unfortunately, In August of 2005 when Katrina hit New Orleans, it also destroyed Dr. McKenna’s business interests in the area. He used his experience in real estate to help rebuild ruined housing by focusing on developing low to moderate income housing.

In November of 2007, Dr. McKenna moved to Atlanta, GA where he started ShapeMed. The company was ultimately sold to Life Time Fitness Inc. in 2014. He then spent two years acting as the National Medical Director of Life Time Fitness. In 2017 He founded OVME, a medical aesthetic company that is reinventing elective healthcare. The idea for this new innovative company is born of Dr. McKenna’s lengthy experience in healthcare. He has many ideas of how he can shake up the industry. With a track record like this, it’s likely we will see a lot more from him in the future.

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What is the Future of Real Estate Investment with iFunding?

Twitter followers indicate the neat thing about iFunding is that it allows those with limited capital to invest in greater scale projects that would otherwise not have been possible. Usually users can invest a minimum of $5000 up to $10 000 or more on a single project. iFunding determines the minimum amount for each project depending on their research. Once a project has reached its maximum number of subscribers the project is closed and any other investors that would like to invest cannot do so. This is on a first come first serve basis to allow for fair opportunity for all investors. The performance of the investment will be monitored very closely by iFunding and this information is relayed to the investor either through email notifications or visible through the account dashboard which can be accessed anytime of the day. If however the customer would rather like to be contacted via phone this is also a possibility. In this way any further questions regarding to the project investment can be made directly to the professional staff on hand at the iFunding headquarters. The terms that iFunding offers are very simple and straight forward. iFunding only collects a listing fee and a administration fee from the sponsor once all funds for the project have been raised. Once this is done iFunding will close the asset and begin wiring the funds to the sponsor. If the deal however exceeds an entire year then iFunding will charge an additional asset management fee. If the term is less than a year then the asset management fee does not apply and is waived. In fact all terms are completely negotiable as well as being competitive within the real estate market.

iFunding provides the following financing, preferred equity, senior debt as well as mezzanine debt. All deals are structured under an LLC structure. iFunding will manage the main LLC and all projects are held within a sub LLC structure.

William Skelley who founded the iFunding platform has had experience within the real estate investment as well as fundraising in the past and is the reason that iFunding has had such success in the market place. indicates iFunding has really been on the rise too.

William Skelley due to his diverse background is often asked to speak at public events to share on his wisdom and knowledge about crowdfunding and real estate finance which is his forte.  William runs the iFunding Twitter as well, which posts updates about the service and their offerings.