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The Creed Trailer Arrives

Rocky Balboa is back like you have never seen him before. The Rocky saga continues, but Sly Stallone is not stepping into the ring. Instead, he is taking on the role as trainer in the new film Creed. Honestly, this is not a “Rocky” film per se. Instead, it is the beginning of a new series featuring Apollo Creed’s son played by Michael B. Jordan.

The trailer for Creed has arrived and both old fans and new ones should be pleased. A lot of the heart of the original Rocky movie (and the better sequels) are present in this trailer.

The bulk of the trailer wisely does not focus on Stallone and Rocky. Instead, the movie tries to establish the character of Creed reports Igor Cornelsen in this article. Yes, Stallone does appear in the role of Rocky is noted. In the movie, his role is larger than what is in the trailer but the studio does not want to sell this film as a new Rocky film. Rather, the goal here is for Rocky to pass the torch to a young fighter looking to establish himself.

The trailer provides a nice mix of nostalgia, new characters, drama, and boxing training and fight scenes to pique audience interest. The film opens in the fall of 2015, which is not too far away. If successful, the Rocky series will have a successor.

Let us hope the screenplay to this film is as good as the one for the first Rocky.