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Rowing Continues To Grow At Orange Coast College

Orange Coast College has become a powerhouse in the rowing community within a sport which has always been classed as the last bastion of amateurism in the sporting world. Rowing has been a major part of the growth of the college since it was established more than 60 years ago and plays a big part in the consistently widening reach of a college chasing down its 12th rowing national championship; Orange Coast College has become a dominant force in the growing community through the impressive nature of the program which has dominated the novice category for decades.


Unlike many college and professional sports, the Orange Coast College rowing program has become a major community within the college with many members of the rowing program going on to find success at the four-year colleges this small community college battles at the annual national championships. The success of the program has been credited with having a transformative effect on the majority of the more than 80 candidates trying out for a spot on the men’s team and 40 fighting for a place on the female crew. Building a level of teamwork and overall success has been linked to the growth in academic success many of those who make their way to Orange Coast College are chasing.


Rowing may have seen the profile of Orange Coast College raised to new levels of success but the academic achievements of the institution have seen the accredited institution ranked 65th from the more than 5,000 registered institutions awarding Associates Degrees. A number of achievements have been developed at the college including an active math and sciences department alongside an impressive horticultural academic body responsible for the development of a number of tropical species rarely seen in North America. Another reason for the popularity of Orange Coast College has been the development of the campus with a high-profile minimalistic approach to the design of the former Armed Forces base into the modern Orange Coast College. Learn more: