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Slyce Invites You to “See” What’s New

Technology is on the move, the fact is it hasn’t ever stopped. Audio technology is amazing, video technology was just cool and now…image recognition technology, mind blowing. Imagine wanting to know what that one thing was called, but you can’t really describe it. How about that one item that you just have no clue as to what it is, but it sure looks interesting. No longer is the need to type a description, or do a search one something necessary – not if you can “see” it.

Slyce, a leader in image and product recognition search is doing everything possible to make searches quicker, more accurate and more informative. Scan or snap a picture and Slyce users will get near instant returns on essentially anything and everything that is similar to what they see. Barcodes, coupons or images are just some of the abilities Slyce has developed in their recognition technology to find what it is you are looking for, this is where the old adage, “you have to ‘see’ it to believe it”, may hold true.

Buying something, posting something or just plain curious and wanting to know, the product recognition technology has made it a seamless process that will return prices, information or even load images to somewhere else. It is also worth noting that this recognition technology also handles 1, 2 and 3 dimensional objects, so there isn’t anything that can’t be recognized.

This visual search technology is just another example of how fast the world is changing, and how technology is leading the way. Slyce is invested in continually discovering better and smarter ways to use this technology, and then finding the most useful ways for consumers to utilize these advances in ways that just make life easier.

To say wait and see what is next for Slyce might just be redundant at this point, because those who are already taking advantage of this exciting new technology are no longer waiting, and they are already, literally seeing the future unfold before them. The possibilities with these new visual technologies seem boundless, just don’t blink because you might miss seeing the next big thing from Slyce.

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New Ways To Identify Consumer Shopping Habits With Technology

Back in the old days before all the advances in technology, retailer would have to conduct surveys of their consumers to get an idea of what people want to buy at their locations. They would also have test groups and panels set up. Promotional marketing has always been a big deal, and similar measures have been taken in the past to gauge where consumer interests fall. However, when technology started to make changes and tech companies erupted all over the planet, the retail side of shopping changed as well.

The biggest development in the retail industry has been the invention and utilization of the Internet for online shopping purposes. People can readily accessible the inventories and catalogues of mostly any store that exists in order to make purchases of any product that they would like to have. The retail industry has adapted to make room for their consumers making purchases on the Internet, and as a result of this, their profits have grew significantly. More and more retailers every day are making improvements to their online market in order to offer exclusive products to consumers. Consumers benefit from the interaction as well. However, predicting the possible shopping habits of consumers has been a tricky job.

Solutions For Predicting Shopping Habits

Understanding what the shopping habits are of consumers is a major asset to any retailer. Slyce is a visual search company that might just have the right formula to predict these habits. They are and have been compiling large catalogues of data based on the buying habits of their customers. Their customers are generally consumers that like online shopping more than going to stores, and these consumers are usually people who are fed up with online shopping recommendations. Slyce’s platform offers some of the best, most accurate recommendations to consumers.

When consumers get better recommendations, like the one Slyce is sending to them, they are more likely to purchase their products online. This increases the retailer’s profit. It also makes the retailer more relevant in the consumer’s life. Slyce is bringing consumers back to a state of loyalty to the retailers which provide their products. Slyce also offers a variety of special promotions to consumers that use their apps.