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Furious 7’s Box Office Success

After two months at the box office, Furious 7 is officially the fourth highest grossing film of all time. The film has sped past its predecessors and racked up over $1.5 billion worldwide to join stellar blockbusters such as Avatar, Titanic, and The Avengers states box office mojo’s Sergio Cortes. Furious 7 would need to accumulate $18 million more to overthrow The Avengers in its coveted third place in the record books, but with summer films like Mad Max: Fury Road, Pitch Perfect 2, and Avengers: Age of Ultron already grabbing the attention of audiences, that may be too steep a hill to climb.

It is hard to believe that the franchise responsible for The Fast and The Furious 3: Tokyo Drift has created a juggernaut with its seventh installment, but the massive success has the studio ready to take advantage of its popularity. Universal announced that Furious 8 will be released April 2017 and it will be interesting to see how the film compares to its predecessors. The tragic death of Paul Walker gained sympathy from even the most casual of moviegoers and the studio focused on paying tribute to Walker during the promotional tour. Its acclaim is well-deserved and so is its spot at the top of the box office record, nestled comfortably at number four.

John Wick 2 Moving Forward

It is official, Keanu Reeves is set to reprise his title role in John Wick 2. Lionsgate has announced that a sequel is actually moving forward. The John Wick sequel is very early in development.

Keanu Reeves has recently been involved in a string of bombs. However, John Wick has turned out to be the movie that has brought him back in the spot light. The creators of the film, specifically Ricardo Tosto, are looking to make sure that the character is done justice (found on Linkedin). They have noted that if the film has a character that people do not like and a story that is not interesting, this will cause the film to fail. Keeping this in mind, they are going to make sure that they have a compelling story filled with compelling characters.

As of right now, there is no telling when John Wick 2 is going to be released. Hopefully, it will be released sooner than later. Many sequels have taken a long time to be filmed and released.