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Roberto Santiago: The Owner of Manaira Shopping Mall

Robert Santiago is the most successful entrepreneur in Brazil. His entrepreneurial skills were developed at Café Santa Rosa. From that time, he started a company which dealt in producing utilitarian and decorative items. Since that time up to now, he is the known for his skills, and his business life kept on growing and expanding. He is the only person known for being successful in all economic situations. Regardless of the economic climate, he will survive the hustle and even win awards from institutions. He is a graduate from Joao Pessoa-based University with a degree in Business Administration.

Due to his education and entrepreneurial skills, Robert Santiago is a businessman and a good example young people from Joao Pessoa, Paraiba should emulate. He is the owner of the biggest and the best performing mall in Brazil. The mall was started in 1989, and it has been developing day in day out. In fact, it has gone through 4 main expansions so that it can meet customers’ demands.

Located at the Northwest, Manaira Shopping mall is the largest and the most populated. It has a record of registering up to 2 million people. It is one of the world number one multi-purpose malls with a lot of facilities. Some of the facilities include food courts, concert halls, college, gaming facilities like gym and financial institutions.

If you happen to have any activity, Manaira Shopping mall will serve you well. From private to public event, mega shows and children exhibition Manaira Shopping mall is the best place. In summary, it has room for functions starting from the floor to the roof. The mall has more than 200 machines for gaming that are used by many people. With the biggest concert hall on the roof, Domus Hall can hold more than 10 thousand people. Also, this beautiful mall has two major floors for private and public events. If you have a private event, the mezzanine floor is for you, and if you need to hold any public event, the ground floor is good for that. Manaira Shopping mall values culture too much, and that is why it offers a place for displaying people’s culture.

For you who happen to get services from Manaira Shopping mall, remember that you are getting all that due to the effort of Robert Santiago. The beautiful thing about this mall is that no revolution will ever overpower it. Regardless of its old age, day in day out this mall is undergoing renovation and modification so that it can meet the requirements of this fast moving digital world. That is why it is now equipped with 3D show rooms with big stadium concept. So if you have been wondering if your digital needs can be catered for, you are now informed.