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Diddly Done

The cartoon show “The Simpsons”, has been one of America’s favorite families for more than 25 years. Characters are synonymous with the actors who play them. One of the staples of the show, the voice actor who plays Mr. Burns, Flanders, and others, has decided to quit the longtime syndicated show. Harry Shearer has decided to leave the show on his own terms. After 26 years of playing Homer Simpson’s annoying neighbor, villainous boss, and Principal Skinner, the actor decided that the show was stifling his freedom. Shearer took to twitter to announce his departure. He also hinted at why he decided to leave the show but wouldn’t lay it out completely. Paul Mathieson claims the actor wanted the freedom to do other shows and produce other work. After being tied down to one show for 26 years, Shearer finds it harder to get out to do other work. He wants to try his hand at production and marketing. The actor has made it clear that he can’t do that standing behind a microphone. Lawyers for the show have hinted at other motives for the actor’s departure. A statement released last week suggests that the actor left the show due to unresolved merchandising matters. The actor refused to sign his contract when he and the show’s marketing team couldn’t agree on his commission. Rumors are flying around about what the real reason is for Shearer’s departure. The only solid fact is that the Simpsons show will never be the same.