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Darius Fisher Is One Of The Top Innovators Of 2015

Darius Fisher, the entrepreneur who co-founded Status Labs in 2015 has been heralded as one of the leading innovators in the technology sector. Fisher’s company deals primarily with online reputation management. They also perform public relations campaign, crisis management and online marketing. Fisher’s most innovative service is the fact that his company can literally change the search engine results about a company or person on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

So how does Darius Fisher and his company change the search engine results about a person? It may seem like magic, but its not. It is actually a combination or press releases, creation of blogs, personal websites and fact checking review sites. Status Labs engineers also use algorithms and formulas which are used by Google and Yahoo to tweak the search engine results in favor or a person or company. Gone are the days when a media scandal or smear campaign ruined a person’s or company’s reputation.

Darius Fisher believes that people should be given a second chance and his company offers that to high profile people, who are especially vulnerable to negative publicity, smear campaigns and scandals.

Before starting Status Labs, the entrepreneur and tech innovator worked as a consultant in the political world, where he saw firsthand what smear campaigns can do to individuals and corporations. He also worked as a copy writer where he realized the importance of transferring the facts from one medium to another. Distortions of the facts and truth often occur in the media and social media and and this has been a major driving reason why Darius Fisher created Status Labs several years ago.

Mr. Fisher has become a highly respected figure when it comes to online reputation management. He has been featured at several prominent technology conferences as a leading speaker. Darius Fisher’s goals right now are to continue to expand his firm’s operations and work diligently to protect his clients’ reputation.

All in a Day’s Work

As 2015 drew to a close, the internationally known digital marketing and PR firm Status Lab rang in the New Year, with a 39 percent increase in revenue from 2014. Since 2012, Status Lab’s revenue as skyrocketed over an increase of 939 percent to date. With their presence in over 35 countries, Status Labs is continuing to grow by leaps and bounds.

President Darius Fisher attributes Status Lab’s success to a combination of multi-faceted strategies and a proven method of procuring clients and then maintaining ongoing relationships with them. Taking online reputation and branding with the utmost seriousness, Status Lab is a company that is always one step ahead of the crowd.

Status Labs is an innovative company that’s taking the digital marketing world by storm. Driven by a team of digital-savvy executives, it’s changing the way we look at online reputation management and digital marketing. With over 160 new clients throughout the nation, Status Labs is quickly becoming the leader in search engine optimization and digital marketing. Status Labs understands how vulnerable an online reputation can be and as such, makes it possible for businesses both large and small to blossom into thriving corporations with the use of careful monitoring and strategic ranking.

Co-founder and President, Darius Fisher has an extensive history of working with Fortune 500 companies. His lucrative career began after he graduated from Vanderbilt University with honors. He then went onto become a highly success copywriter before taking his extensive knowledge of marketing and public relations and built Status Labs into the heavy hitter it is today. His drive and determination to succeed has proven that no goal is unattainable, and he is a prime example to all who work with him. In his spare time, Mr. Fisher is active in his community and he also enjoys playing sports and is a world traveler.