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The Greyhound Diaries as seen by Singer Songwriter Doug Levitt

Doug Levitt is a songwriter and a singer from the United States. His undertaken a project that has seen him become an activist, writer, photography. He was born in the year 1972 and is currently famous for his project known as the Greyhound Diaries. The project strives to bring out the lives of travelers he encountered when traveling on the Greyhound bus. He undertook the journey for eight years. He started in 2004 and managed to cover a total distance of 80,000 miles when he made his last trip in 2012. The Greyhound series is a project that features a web series, live performances and music shows performed by Doug Levitt. The entire project tells stories about what he saw and stories he heard. It tells the stories of the dark and hopeless side of the American countryside. He notes that most of these people remain forgotten by the thriving urban lifestyle.


Before going on the travel series, he was an ordinary reporter that worked for top media channels such as CNN and MSNBC. His work covered war stories of nations such as Iran, Rwanda, and Bosnia. He talked to many people that were poor and struggling throughout his journalism ventures. That is what motivated him to cover the stories of the poor and forgotten people in his country. Doug’s work as a foreign correspondent taught him a lot. He learned to become observant about the plight of people around him that are struggling to get by. He later undertook journeys with the Greyhound bus and wrote most of those stories in the form of writings and songs. Doug Levitt then created an excellent arrangement of stories and music that bring out the realities of people that live in the poor regions of America.


Doug may have wanted a more comfortable means for his journey, but he chose the Greyhound bus for a personal experience. He was able to interact with the struggling and poor people that used the bus. Doug knew the many people that chose traveling the bus had no other means of transport. He rode the bus on a frequent basis. He was excited to hear and record the stories he heard.