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The Changing State of Special Effects Throughout Film

Action movies are one of the types of films that require visual effects. This is not necessarily CGI or special creature effects, but there are also in camera effects that will make the action more convincing. There are certain ways of adjusting the lens in order to make a very distant explosion seem a lot closer to the people in the foreground. Other types of visual effects come from editing. Some scenes are the result of different scenes combined to make one big action shot.

Among the best companies for putting together visual effects for action scenes is Pulse Evolution Corporation run by John Textor. BusinessWire suggests that they are behind many of the big visual effects films. They are also influential when it comes to some of the smaller visual effects films like The Curious Case of Benjamin Button when some age manipulation effect was applied to Brad Pitt’s character.

Visual effects come in many different forms. They could be anything from enhancing explosions to using CGI to carry out the action shots. Certain action films have used CGI versions of certain characters in order to have them do things that are basically impossible to do with real life actors. One instance is in the Matrix movies. Certain scenes were filmed with the use of CGI versions of characters in order to get them to do tricks and moves that the actors and stuntmen could not do. The effects do come close to how it would look in real life. This is a valuable method of visual effects which could work if done right.