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Star Trek Fans Can Rejoice About the Direction the Latest Film May Take

There is news about the latest Star Trek movie coming out next year that many fans of the original as well as the spin-off television shows will appreciate. Simon Pegg, co-writer and actor who plays Scotty in this reboot of the franchise, has said that he wants the third installment of these new Star Trek movies to “take it forward with the spirit of the TV show.”

If what he is looking to do is well executed, then this should be one of the best Star Trek films in a long time. The original Star Trek accrued a large fan base because it was a story about humanity reaching out into space and encountering new worlds and new civilizations and then running into dramatic situations in dealing with these alien people. Fans like Brian Torchin agree that the problem with the vast majority of the Star Trek motion pictures was that, in terms of this critical ingredient of the show, they simply weren’t Star Trek. Sure, they took place in space, and there was a starship named Enterprise and familiar cast members, but here is where the similarity ended. The TV series did not depend on the crew having to destroy one evil bad guy or entity after another. Sure, there were usually adversaries to overcome to retain dramatic tension, but in the TV show they frequently did it through intellectual means or as the saying goes, “destroying my enemy by making them my friend.” There was little, if any, of this in the movies.