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The quality focus of Gregory James Aziz at National Steel Car

The early education and life of Gregory James

Born in 1049, Gregory James was the first born in his family. He was educated in the local schools around Ontario and succeeded in his early education. Being born to a middle-class family, Greg Aziz did not face much of the childhood problems. He had time to concentrate on what the family did for a living, and this became his interest as he grew up. After his early years of education, James Aziz joined the University of Western Ontario for his undergraduate degree. He excelled in his Bachelor’s of Economics and brought his knowledge back to the family business making it a world class company.

The employment path of James Aziz

In the early 1980s, Greg James went to the United States to seek greener pastures. Because of his experience and knowledge in business, he got several proposals from a variety of companies. In as much as Greg James was seeking employment, his mind was in owning a business. He selected the banking sector and worked for about a decade before embarking on personal business. In the employment field, Greg Aziz held different positions and worked in different capacities as he gained more experience in management.

The success of Gregory Aziz as the CEO of the National Steel Car

Through his advice, the National Steel Car was purchased in 1994. Though the company was performing fairly well, Gregory registered his dissatisfaction with the production considering the potential of the company. From his childhood, James Aziz did not tolerate an average work when there was more potential. He worked tirelessly to improve the status of the company and the average sales in a year.

The quality achievement

Out of all the production companies in Canada, the National Steel Car is the only company that has received ISO certification constantly for two decades. ISO certification is only awarded to companies that meet the standards of production as they are required. The quality of the parts produced has always been to the required standards, and this created a positive name in the company.

Giving back to the community

Currently, the National Steel Car has its headquarters in Hamilton, Canada. The company has employed the locals. With the current employee population of about 4000 people, almost all the employees come from the country, and this has improved the economic status of the people. Greg Aziz himself is a native of that country.