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Technology Will Make Air Travel Even Safer Reports Jason Hope

The philanthropist and technology entrepreneur Jason Hope has recently been taking a large amount of notice of the technological developments seen in the airline industry that he believes will result in a growing level of safety and passenger comfort. Safety has already been improved by the technologically savvy experts at Virgin Airlines who have outfitted their latest Boeing 787’s with wireless sensors to track every aspect of the inner working of an aircraft; not only can individual faults be detected mid flight, but ground staff can also access the parts needed before a plane lands to lower the number of delays seen by the airline.

Other aspects of safety that are difficult to ignore include the use of beacons designed to identify and monitor the issues seen with life jackets and emergency tools that are used in emergency situations. Being able to monitor the safety of a flight at all times through mobile devices and connectivity to ground staff makes air travel more enjoyable and safer in the eyes of Jason Hope.

The Arizona State University graduate, Jason Hope has spent the majority of his life in his home state of Arizona that he has helped turn into a technology leader in the U.S. Technology plays a key role and Jason Hope feels a proactive approach to medical technology can assist in preventing illness instead of simply looking to react to medical conditions.

Mobile app’s are becoming increasingly important to business leaders and consumers with Jason Hope identifying the use of wireless and Bluetooth beacons as important to the future of business and technology.


Inmate Phone Calls Made Better With Securus Technologies

I recently found out about an incredible tech innovation that is making huge leaps forward for those who need it most; it is an advancement in phone technology and video visitation for prisons.

Now, we tend to have negative views of prisoners, and perhaps should in some cases, but this technology from Securus Technologies, a Dallas-based organization that has raised the standard in inmate communication systems, seeks to better serve not only those who are incarcerated, but also their families who are suffering on the outside.

The questions are: how does it work, and are there any other benefits?

How Does Securus Technology Work?

Securus has recently created a program called THREADS 3.1. This application not only provides for better phone connections, but it also alerts those who need to monitor the calls with context-sensitive reports.

Think about that for a minute. This system is so advanced that it not only picks up on specific words and phrases (which prisoners know to work around) but it also can pick up on the nature of the conversation during inmate phone calls. This is incredible, and can increase the safety of those inside and outside the prison, particularly the victims, who need all the help they can get.

What Are the Other Benefits?

Beyond the technology, it cannot be overstated that since Securus is in Dallas, they are creating jobs in the US. Currently, they have a staff of roughly 800 people in their tech and customer service departments. That means that 800 more people are receiving a wage, which means they are enriching their communities.

Currently, Securus is helping about 1.2 million inmates and their families. These families are very vulnerable as a result of their situation, but when it comes to their safety, and the ability to receive quality phone calls from their loved ones, they are secure.

To see just a couple of reviews from those who have used this amazing technology, click here.

If anything, Securus has found an incredible market in doing the most for those who need them most.

Researchers at MIT have determined that the use of AI’s and visual search technology has revolutionized how people are going about their shopping

Most people have observed that as of late, the new search innovation has supplemented the typical item search: it is a picture based tool that gives you a chance to choose an item in a picture and gives you indexed lists with comparable items. The new visual search apparatus is controlled by profound learning advancements in view of artificial intelligence software. It is not entirely new as many organizations have tried to use it for the purposes of discovery like Google; some have tried to use it to shop like Amazon, or for the recognition of faces as done by Facebook.

An example of the use of this technology is its application in the library world. While one is searching for a book, they will go to a university or public library database. These libraries usually sort out their books per subjects and clients and make a showcase of book spreads with some short depictions that make important introduction to what they are about. The visual search app provided by Slyce includes with the customary text-based search content: beginning with the reason that the spread is an outflow of the book content; the client has the likelihood to seek through comparable spreads, in light of visual components from the book spread.

Slyce, a Toronto startup has produced the innovation to look insightfully up objects, and afterward use that acknowledgment to link customers with retailers’ online stores. The organization says that their innovation as a tool that works under the hoods of huge brands’ websites which is known in the market as a white-label arrangement. The organization adds that Slyce is working with six of the main 20 retailers in the United States, a large portion of whom are already on board beginning in 2014. These retailers operate under non-divulgence agreements that keep them from being named.

The software works by first figuring out what the item being photographed is, and afterward deciding its particular properties. For example, it should first figure out if the item before it is a shirt, or even a vase, or a car. When it has broken its subject down, it searches for similar pictures following a blueprint that Slyce’s creators have made for such an item, building what is called an “attribution model” of the item’s characteristic.

Shaygan Kheradpir Changes The Way We View The Technology Industry

The technology industry has changed remarkably in the last few years, a large amount of the changes that have been made to the way we view the industry and how it works have been introduced by engineering expert Shaygan Kheradpir. The Cornell University graduate has been a major player in the movement of the mobile communications industry towards becoming an integral part of the society we live in. Over the course of his career, Shaygan Kheradpir has also looked to make major changes to the way other industries do business and use mobile devices to allow their clients to interact with major companies.

Shaygan Kheradpir made his name soon after leaving college and embarked on his career as a technology expert for the mobile communications industry. Whilst working with GTE Labs, Kheradpir saw the development of new hardware and technology was done in a way that was not as streamlined or simple as possible. Following the merger between GTE Labs and Verizon, Shaygan Kheradpir the development of new technologies had become the reason for the success of the engineer, which saw him become the leader of the e-commerce division of the consistently growing Verizon company.

The ways Kheradpir influenced the technology industry are easy to spot as he developed a number of policies for limiting the time and money spent on new hardware and software being developed. A time limit of around 30 days was placed on the development of a new piece of hardware or software, which meant some form of improvement must have been seen within 30 days or the project would be abandoned. Kheradpir has also played an important role in the development of new practices for research and development that are now commonplace in the industry. The engineering expert has been instrumental in the use of smaller teams working on different aspects of a larger development, Kheradpir on linkedin noted this cut the time of development and lowered costs.

As an expert in the development of new technologies for major companies, such as the financial giant Barclays, Shaygan Kheradpir has often been placed in charge of major technology departments that are in need of streamlining. Kheradpir looked to assist Verizon by reducing the IT costs for the communications giant and lowered the IT budget to just four percent of revenue from six percent. Following his achievements with Verizon the expert in mobile communications development worked with Barclays to develop the mobile payments software that has been a market leader throughout his career. Now one of the most respected figures in the technology industry Shaygan Kheradpir remains an important executive determined to develop more new technologies, equipment and hardware to push the industry forward into the future.