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JPay’s Ambitious Expansion Plans Following Securus Technologies Acquisition

Securus Technologies called a presser on 14th of April 2017 to announce the signing off on the deal to acquire JPay. The top brass agreed on a definitive stock trade of agreement as they relinquished control of the prisons payment tech company, JPay. JPay has a solid presence in the American prison industry. Coming into the sale, JPay operated in over 33 correctional facilities in the US where they provided electronic payments solutions, call and email support. In some instances, the tech company had exclusive tenders to sell hygiene and personal care products to the thousands of inmates in the 33 prisons.

Modernizing American Prisons

The CEO of Securus Technologies noted that the multi-million deal had effectively thrust his company to the very top of the prison service food game. No other service provider in the nation could match the broad array of options given to Securus’ customers. Rick reiterated his company’s commitment to modernizing the entire American prison system using high-tech gadgets and creative security solutions. CEO Smith opened up about why they’d decided to chase after the tech company. Rick had always been attracted to integrity, innovation, and experience possessed by JPay.

Smith’s counterpart at JPay, CEO Ryan Shapiro sounded equally as ecstatic at the merger agreements. Ryan expressed a great deal of optimism by remarking that with the support of Securus, the American prison industry ought to brace itself for more startling innovations in the coming years. Shapiro also thanked teams from both companies for their valuable input towards making the acquisition deal successful.

In an effort to prove just how efficient Securus systems are, the CEO organized a research project. Securus’ customers were asked to write in and state the problems that went unaddressed inside the prisons. Rick got an overwhelming response that saw hundreds of prison staff come clean about illegal activities being conducted by their mates. The research also revealed cases of drug peddling, arms trafficking and other undesirable activities that ostensibly took place right under the noses of the people in charge of the prisons. The research was also used to introduce safety and security measures to seal off the loopholes.

CEO Rick Smith

With several Masters Degrees in Mathematics, Engineering, Business Administration and Associate degree from New York University, University of Rochester and Rochester Institute of Technology respectively, Rick has the necessary expertise needed to run the firm. Rick’s held high profile tenures in several companies such as Eschelon Telcom where he served as a CFO, Global Crossing North America Inc. as well as serving on the Board of Integra Telecom Ltd. Securus continues to scoop medals and awards for the exemplary job they do to improve the quality of life for the inmates doing time in the American correctional facilities. Here’s a link to the Securus official website.

The Social and Economic Impact of IoT as Explained By Jason Hope

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the revolutionary tool in the tech world. The technology connects everything to the Internet, creating network of devices that were traditionally not connectable. As a result, IoT has made life interestingly efficient and smooth and has significantly reduced the rate at which people depended on others. The senior citizens and the physically impaired, for example, can do a lot by the themselves thanks to provisions of IoT.

Social Impact of IoT

Tech futurists argue that Internet of Things is the best tech innovation that has ever happened. Jason Hope, a renowned tech futurist, believes that IoT could be the most innovative and life changing tool today and in many years to come. According to Jason, IoT will stand in the gap between the rich and the poor, fill the gap left by government incompetence, and most importantly slay inequality monster that threatens to tear up the society. Global companies are working around the clock to ensure that they keep to speed with the changing tech landscape and at the end of it all, they will make the globe a better place.

Benefits of IoT in Business

The benefits of IoT in the business world are many and far-reaching. Jason Hope has dedicated his time to researching and analyzing these benefits and contextualizing the impact they bring to global world at large. According to Jason, IoT helps business owners to optimize on resource distribution per department while at the same time reducing wastage. This is particularly achieved through interconnecting devices at the workplace and noting where a particular resource deployed in excess and where it is inadequate. This brings some balance and enhances effectiveness.

Jason Hope is also of the view that IoT can be used to improve customer service. This is done by interconnecting devices at the client’s place and monitoring them from a remote location. When, for example, a particular device threatens to break down, the service provider fixes it before the damage is done.

Jason’s Education Background

Jason is a BS and MBA holder from the well-known Arizona State University. His area of specialization is in business and finance.

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