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The Original Terminator Travels Back to the Big Screen

The Terminator is coming back. Oh no, we are not talking about the upcoming Terminator: Genysis movie. That you probably already knew. No, the ORIGINAL Terminator from 1984 is coming back. A re-mastered version of the first film in the series is going to be re-released in theaters. With all the buzz surrounding the new film, the chance to check out the original on the big screen surely should prove appealing to fans who have been with the series since day one.

31 years do fly by really fast. Regardless, the original film still holds up after many years. Classics have a tendency to look even better with age and the original Terminator is definitely one of those brilliant sci-fi features that helped define many conventions of the genre. Watching the movie on video or TV is okay, but nothing beats watching the adventures of Sarah Connor unfold on the big screen.

STX Entertainment can tell why there is another reason why a re-release of the original film is a good idea. Consider it a full-length trailer for the new entry in the series. Terminator: Genysis has been criticized quite a bit by fans who do not like the trailers. Sadly, the trailers have been a bit underwhelming and, in some cases, provide too many spoilers about plot points in the film. What better way to get people looking forward to the return of The Terminator than providing a look back at the original feature?

Granted, the first film is only going to experience a limited release but it should generate some buzz. Hopefully, the new film will be the beneficiary of those stimulated positive memories.