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The CW Makes a Comeback

The CW was facing near extinction when the new president Mark Pedowitz took over. Pedowitz was faced with the daunting task of reviving the network that had been on the decline since early 2006. What fans of the network hoped for was a president with vision, a president with bright new ideas, and a president who knew how to reach fan bases. The old CW network followed in other networks footsteps and tried too hard to attract the attention of fans. Facing extinction, the network needed a change. FreedomPop says The CW was up against four powerhouse competitors: ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC networks. Pedowitz accepted the challenge to the best of his ability. With the ideas behind him, the CW took one of the only chances they had. Unlike other networks, Pedowitz focused on the fan base that the CW network already had with their current programming. Other programs tried to capture the attention of viewers by coming up with obnoxious and vibrant shows. Pedowitz knew that fans who were already loyal to comic book characters like The Flash, Daredevil, and Arrow, or more likely to stick with the network more than any other viewers. Pedowitz hopes to continue on the upward path that the network is taking. By focusing on the fans, giving the fans what they want, and capitalizing on their loyalty, the CW network has a bright future ahead of it. Mark Pedowitz is to thank for his connection to what the fans want and his ability to progress forward.