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A Lifetime Of Drama

Soap opera’s have a long standing reputation of never ending plot twists, character betrayal and death throughout their plot line. Most span longer than regular shows, even the dramatic ones, but One Life To Live has had a continuous run even after it finished airing on ABC in 2012. One Life To Live gained famed by being the first soap opera to feature ethnically and socioeconomically diversity as well as their episodes dedicated to current social issues. The show primarily focused on Victoria Lord, a member of the wealthy Lord family. Throughout the show, Victoria goes through a multitude of problems like divorce, love and loss, rape, stroke and breast cancer. One character, Stacy Morasco, who is introduced in 2009 left a long standing affect in the lives of the characters even after her death.

Played by American actress Crystal Hunt, Stacy Morasco is introduced while Gigi and Rex are in Las Vegas. Stacy was Gigi’s sister who was working as a stripper before deciding to follow Gigi back Llanview with the sole purpose of stealing Rex from her sister. Rex’s son is diagnosed with leukemia and Stacy uses this to her advantage by lying about being a donor match to force Gigi to break up with Rex. Afterwards Stacy successfully beds Rex for a night which results in a pregnancy which comes to light after Gigi and Rex reunite when Stacy’s lie is revealed. Stacy miscarraiges but beds a drunk Oliver Fisher and tricks him into impregnating her so she can pass the baby off as Rex’s.

Stacy continues on with the lie during her pregnancy until Rex’s lunatic father kidnaps her in order to raise her child himself. Upon finding out the truth he tosses Stacy out in the snow where Gigi finds her and takes her to Victoria’s cabin. Stacy gives birth to a baby girl that needs medical attention which leads to Gigi trying to get her to a hospital until she falls into a frozen lake. Stacy looses her life jumping in to save her sister and her daughter.

Crystal Hunt began her career at the age of two by performing in beauty pageants. She then landed a few big name commercials like an anti-drug commercial with N*Sync. Now that she’s a famous celebrity, after her role in The Guiding Light that lead her to a Daytime Emmy Award nomination in 2005. Afterwards she appeared in the film The Derby Stallion and in Sydney White in 2007, starring alongside Amanda Bynes. From 2009-2010 she played Stacy Morasco and earned a second Daytime Emmy Nomination. In 2014 Hunt produced her first feature film Talbot County with friend Dania Ramirez.  Continue reading more about Crystal on Wikipedia.