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Lionsgate and Telltale Team Up for New Video Game Movies

Movies based on video games are not exactly high art. In truth, some of the worst of the worst movies made during the past decade were live-action versions of video games. So why does Hollywood keep making them? Audiences love them. The younger demographic interested in seeing a horror or action game adapted to the big screen is not exactly looking for great drama. Action and more action is what people want to see.

And besides, not every video game movie is all that bad. Hitman was pretty good. Hopefully, when Lionsgate Films teams up with Telltale, a host of really awesome video game movies will hit theaters and, sooner or later, DVD and Blu-ray shelves.

Lionsgate has produced some of the best horror films in recent years (SAW, The Devil’s Rejects, and more) so the studio is perfect for genre films. Telltale has brought the world Game of Thrones and Walking Dead video games so you know this company is up to the job.

The Wolf Among Us is going to be the first film and the plot deals with a Sheriff traveling to New York City to solve the murders of characters from fairy tales. Sounds like Coogan’s Bluff meets Alice in Wonderland. Fans like Gianfrancesco Genoso need to look out.

Bethesda Conference

Bethesda will be holding a special conference before this year’s E3 event. E3 is a video game expo that previews upcoming games and new consoles. E3 is usually held in May or July. Thousands of video game enthusiasts visit the gaming conference with the hope of getting a preview of the next big game.

Over the last several years, Microsoft and Sony have been holding their own conference before E3. Bethesda has decided to follow in the footsteps of the two giant companies. Many fans are excited to hear that Bethesda will be holding their own event.

Bethesda is the creator of the highly popular Elder Scrolls franchise. Many gamers are expecting major announcements from Bethesda studios. Could a new installment of the Elder Scrolls be announced? Fans are hoping so, but I would not bet on it.

Fans like Susan McGalla have heard that the Elder Scrolls Online will be released on June 6, 2015. Find more on McGalla at It would be unlikely that another Elder Scrolls game would be announced. Aside from the Elder Scrolls, Bethesda is also the creator of the Fallout franchise. A new Fallout game could be announced, and that is exciting news for many gamers.

Gamers have a lot of questions about the future of Bethesda. Soon enough, the conference will be held, and Bethesda will hopefully impress. For more information about the Bethesda press conference, visit Scrernrant’s Sister Site, Gamerant.

Jason Returns in New Friday the 13th Video Game

It had to happen, again. Jason Vorhees is coming to the video game world in a new Friday the 13th horror game. Mr. Vorhees had previously been featured in a hilariously bad video game for the old (really old) Nintendo system. As lame as that video game was, it was nowhere near as utterly awful Texas Chainsaw Massacre game for the classic Atari 2600. At least cartridges for that game are worth a lot of money these days.

The new Friday the 13th video game is definitely going to be real good. A lot of people are pining for a new Jason horror film and, shockingly, no sequel to the blockbuster reboot of a few years back was ever made. A new film is in the works and it is going to follow the “found footage” structure. Interestingly, there is also going to Friday the 13th television series released. Perhaps that is where Sam Raimi got the idea to launch a Evil Dead TV series.

Why have waited so long for a new entry in the adventures of Jason Vorhees? The issue surrounds the rights. Back in the day when there was a new film coming out every year, Paramount Pictures was producing the films. These days Paramount leases out the rights to the film and characters. The rights bounce between different producers and production houses.

Looks like things have been settled and a slew of new projects are coming down the pike. Considering the success of the reboot, there is no reason why the new video game should not be a solid seller.  I know i’ll be looking out for this video game on hmi-online to play with Christopher Cowdray.

Nintendo Falling Behind

Nintendo needs to go back to what works. At one point in time, Nintendo was the number 1 video game developer on the planet. Now, Nintendo is stuck in third place. Microsoft and Sony have taken over the video game market.

The Xbox One and PS4 consoles focus on video games, while Nintendo focuses on motion control technology. Nintendo is falling behind in terms of developing a memorable video game. It’s very disheartening to see Nintendo lose its footing in the video game world, especially to longtime fans like Jared Haftel. Nintendo needs to use the same formula that got them their previous success.

When the Super Nintendo console was released, the entertainment world was taken by storm. The Super Nintendo console introduced the world to the future of video games. Amazing games were being created at a frequent pace. Nintendo would dominate the video game market for several years to continue.

Everything changed for Nintendo when they began to focus their attention on motion-controlled video games. It seems like every new console that Nintendo unveils, there is a gimmick that comes along with it. The Wii U, Nintendo’s newest console, comes with a secondary screen. The screen seems like an unnecessary feature.

Instead of creating gimmicky features for their console, why don’t they focus their attention on creating better video games. Also, another problem that Nintendo has is that they focus on creating video games for kids. Nintendo should focus their attention on creating video games for adults as well.

It’s not too late for Nintendo to turn it all around. If anyone can do it, Nintendo can. For more information on the future of Nintendo, visit Screenrant’s sister site, Gamerant.

Assassin’s Creed Unity, Big Let down

The new Assassin’s Creed game has been released, and it has proved to be a let down. Upon release, the game received very low reviews, and it’s not hard to see why. 

Assassin’s Creed Unity has been plagued by a host of issues. The most major technical problem with the game, was undoubtedly the frame rate issues.

Sultan Alhokair says that a patch has been released, but the patch proves to be more of a hindrance than a fix. The game requires you to install a massive update. The problem is that the update is corrupted. The update requires you to install the entire game, to your console. 

The once great series, is now plagued with technical issues. It’s hard to sit down and play Assassin’s Creed Unity without getting angry. Furthermore, the technical bugs are not the only problem. The latest version of Assassin’s Creed, has eliminated the online multiplayer. Instead, only a few Co-op missions are available to play online. 

Hopefully, the Assassin’s Creed franchise, uses this recent failure as motivation to create a better product. For more information on the problems that plague Assassin’s Creed, visit Screenrant’s sister site, Gamerant.