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Correctional Facilities Prevent and Prosecute Crime with Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies provides a suite of inmate communication and administration services to correctional facilities across North America. Rick Smith, CEO, recently published a sample of customer reviews and comments indicating that Securus has been responsible for preventing a variety of criminal activity and keeping facilities safer.


Smith reports that the company develops an average of one new product each week to assist criminal justice officials in the prevention and successful prosecution of crime. They recognize their role as partners in the justice field and constantly innovate on behalf of safety and security for correctional facilities, staff, and residents. Customers praise Securus’ revolutionary technology and credit it with improvements in security postures and overall public safety.


Securus has been highly successful in preventing or mitigating criminal activity in a variety of correctional facilities. Their call monitoring has provided facility management with information about the possession and distribution of dangerous contraband throughout the correctional system. In addition to call monitoring, their investigative tools, reporting data, and covert alert features have been credited with solving and prosecuting crime occurring in customer facilities.


It’s not surprising, then, that Securus has issued an open invitation to current and prospective customers and investors to reach out and explore the opportunities they can provide.



Inmate Phone Calls Made Better With Securus Technologies

I recently found out about an incredible tech innovation that is making huge leaps forward for those who need it most; it is an advancement in phone technology and video visitation for prisons.

Now, we tend to have negative views of prisoners, and perhaps should in some cases, but this technology from Securus Technologies, a Dallas-based organization that has raised the standard in inmate communication systems, seeks to better serve not only those who are incarcerated, but also their families who are suffering on the outside.

The questions are: how does it work, and are there any other benefits?

How Does Securus Technology Work?

Securus has recently created a program called THREADS 3.1. This application not only provides for better phone connections, but it also alerts those who need to monitor the calls with context-sensitive reports.

Think about that for a minute. This system is so advanced that it not only picks up on specific words and phrases (which prisoners know to work around) but it also can pick up on the nature of the conversation during inmate phone calls. This is incredible, and can increase the safety of those inside and outside the prison, particularly the victims, who need all the help they can get.

What Are the Other Benefits?

Beyond the technology, it cannot be overstated that since Securus is in Dallas, they are creating jobs in the US. Currently, they have a staff of roughly 800 people in their tech and customer service departments. That means that 800 more people are receiving a wage, which means they are enriching their communities.

Currently, Securus is helping about 1.2 million inmates and their families. These families are very vulnerable as a result of their situation, but when it comes to their safety, and the ability to receive quality phone calls from their loved ones, they are secure.

To see just a couple of reviews from those who have used this amazing technology, click here.

If anything, Securus has found an incredible market in doing the most for those who need them most.