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FreedomPop Opens 4G Network in the UK

For FreedomPop, a start up telecom company out of L.A., the road has been long and arduous but ultimately rewarding. The upstart cell phone company has faced opposition much of the way on their path to success in large part because nobody really believed that a ‘freemium’ phone company could work. CEO Stephen Stokols, who founded the company after getting rejected for funding back in the U.K., is ready to make his triumphant return to his home country when FreedomPop launches their first 4G network in the United Kingdom as we saw reported by The Telegraph.

FreedomPop sets their sights on huge launch in U.K.
For years FreedomPop has been trending toward the other giants of the telecom industry and now, after passing one million subscribers, it seems like they’re taking the next big step. FreedomPop is setting their sights on a huge launch over in the United Kingdom and one that they hope is just another step towards a huge global expansion. After successfully pushing the boundaries in the U.S. it appears that Stokols wants to head back home to the U.K. to pull in business.

Right now FreedomPop is estimating that there are over 250,000 U.K. residents who had expressed some interest in the freemium based network. Of course, what FreedomPop is offering is a great deal so the interest is not surprising. FreedomPop subscribers at the big launch in the U.K. will be given 200 MB of data, 200 text messages, and 200 minutes of talk completely free — no strings attached. Users who are interested in the launch can register online until the threshold is reached. FreedomPop is limiting who can access the early commercial launch so that they can manage the growth of the program.

FreedomPop will continue their prior methods in the USA in order to keep their costs down. FreedomPop will keep buying data wholesale from distributors in order to save money for their subscribers. Savings are further encouraged by FreedomPop’s efforts to push as much traffic as possible through the built in WiFi networks that touch upon the whole country. CEO Stokols is trying to seal a deal with BT WiFi in order to get FreedomPop access to their 5 million hotspots, which would be a huge boon for the fledgling company. If that deal is struck then we could quickly see an evolution in the FreedomPop product going forward from after the launch.

Why FreedomPop is a Blessing for the Budget User

FreedomPop is a wireless carrier which has taken caveat out of the phrase “free calling”. In normal circumstances, apps on Android and iOS are infamous for using this phrase to lure people in but, after a brief trial period, the charges begin. Some free apps require the recipients to install the same app and this is inconvenient. However, FreedomPop has found a way out and this is the reason why it has recently been lauded in the tech circles.

There are many big names providing similar services but some features of FreedomPop really make this provider pop. Here’s a look at all those features which would make the budget conscious user swoon –

• 100 Minutes Free International Calling – On 12th November, FreedomPop introduced 2 great plans for users who have international calling needs. The text app and free talk app of FreedomPop would be providing these plans. In the first plan, 100 minutes of free international calling are provided to users and then, there are country specific unlimited plans. These unlimited plans start from as little as $5 and 30 countries are covered under the plan. The countries include the U.K., India, Mexico and China. The second plan is even better and pretty ingenious in itself. It starts at $9 and prevents relatives, co-workers and friends in, say India, from paying the hefty international calling fees. Instead, a forwarding number is offered in Mumbai to lower the costs.

• Rural Coverage – FreedomPop might be a relatively new provider but it has philanthropic intentions as well, as proven by the rural coverage offered by the company. There are dedicated 4G plans offered by FreedomPop. The best thing is their 500MB, free to sign up, monthly allocation which can be used with a mobile hotspot or any USB modem compatible with Sprint. Upgrades are on the way for most major locations. In fact, FreedomPop’s coverage is better than T-Mobile in rural areas as per customer reviews. While it may lag behind other big names, the fact that the plans are ultra-budget friendly cannot be refuted by anyone.

• Ideal for the Average User Who Spends A Lot of Time on Facebook – For users whose only requirement from their plans is to browse Facebook all day (maybe even FreedomPop’s profile) and probably check their mail, FreedomPop is practically free. The 500MB plan is a blessing for the average user because it is free and it doesn’t involve any hassles. Moreover, most people use their mobile networks for this purpose only. Heavy browsing is usually limited to special days for average users and FreedomPop has really established a niche in the market for this reason.

• The higher plans start from 1GB and reach up to 10GB – perfect for any mobile user, no matter what the internet demands are. Most importantly, though, despite these higher allocation plans, the price continues to come down. In a side by side comparison and reviews between FreedomPop and other companies, FreedomPop passes with flying colors when it comes to affordability.

Overall, it is understandable why FreedomPop has been getting so much press from TechCrunch and other publications and why its getting so many new subscribers recently. The new plans of the company take care of the budget users who don’t want to limit their usage but still want cheap prices, and FreedomPop is perfect for that.