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Navigating Between Progressive and Pandering

The construct of gender roles and norms has gradually been wearing away over the decades to reveal a better outlook on society’s treatment of an individual regardless of sex. Though as the roles for both women and become less defined and more opportunities become equally available to the right candidate, those wishing to help women wishing to fulfill their aspirations within corporate America are tasked with the increasingly difficult problem of creating useful, applicable advice while not simply pandering to a female audience.


The constant barrage of over-used tropes and advice tailored to career-oriented women has inundated working professionals so much so that the buzzwords common to convention halls and auditoriums have almost completely lost meaning among those they target.


American Eagle’s former president and the founder of P3 Executive Consulting, LLC, Susan McGalla understands that more than buzzwords, working women need applicable advice from professionals who have succeeded in the corporate world.  Click on


Susan McGalla has led a storied career rising through the ranks of American Eagle Outfitters steering the clothing brand that would become vastly popular across the nation. She now uses her years as an executive to help like-minded and goal focused women find success within their careers as well.


When asked as to how she succeeded so well in a world often dominated by men, Susan McGalla credits her upbringing with a football coach father and two brothers who gave McGalla no extra slack for being a girl. From her childhood, McGalla learned to present herself and her ideas confidently to anyone regardless of gender while not dwelling on the increased difficulties of being a woman in corporate America. McGalla has said “My angle on this in my career was not to ‘break the glass ceiling,'” McGalla explains. “To make the point, I never carried a chip on my shoulder of what I should be entitled to as a woman or what prejudices existed.”


Julie Zuckerberg – Playing Key Role As A Talent Acquisition Lead At Deutsche Bank

Julie Zuckerberg has had an exceptional career in the arena of human resources and has worked with many multinational companies such as Citi Group, Hudson, New York Life Insurance and now Deutsche Bank, in her career spanning over a decade and a half. She studied philosophy at the City University of New York-Brooklyn College after which she pursued her studies in the field of law and did her post-graduation at New York Law School.



After completing her studies, she started her career by joining Hudson, which is one of the major companies in the field of staffing and recruiting. Her job as a director of candidate placement at Hudson exposed her to the corporate world and provided her with the much needed practical experience in the human resources sector. At Hudson, she was responsible for solving any conflicts at workplace between the employees and the management, managing work area related issues, legal compliance, conflict resolution, coaching and counseling new and existing employees, recruitment of support staff, attorneys, paralegals, and so on.



After working for five years with Hudson, she moved to Citi Global Functions as Executive Recruiter in 2007, where she was responsible for almost the same responsibilities she performed at Hudson, with some added responsibilities such as facilitating MD slate process, succession planning, recruiting senior positions, enhancing recruitment strategies by using social media, internet search, employee referrals, and more. After four years, she was promoted to perform the role of Vice President and Executive Recruiter at Citi Global Consumer Bank in 2011.



Here, she was responsible for full life-cycle recruiting of the top most executive roles such as Director, CEO and Managing Director and consult with top management regarding recruitment strategies and its implementation. She was also responsible for negotiation of job offers for high positions that included deferred rewards, equity buyouts, clawbacks, relocation, and more. She helped the organization by identifying and sourcing talent from across the globe, which would help improve the performance of the company.



After leaving the Citi Group in 2013, she joined New York Life Insurance Company as Corporate Vice President and Experienced Hire Recruiting Lead, and apart from the above-mentioned roles she diligently performed at Citi, she was also attached to the business development and client management aspect of the business operations. This helped craft her business sense further. It helped her have a keen eye for detail, along with a vision for future in whichever roles she played and the decisions she made professionally.



After working for a year at New York Life Insurance Company, she joined Deutsche Bank and is currently the Executive Talent Acquisition Lead in the organization. She works with the company’s clients as well as the top management to improve recruitment process, train the recruiters and manages job offers at the level of managing director.



Julie Zuckerberg is a dynamic young woman who at a very early age in her life has reached the top spot in an organization that is globally recognized as one of the best. All this is only due to her dedicated approach, professionalism, sincerity and experiences that she has gathered over the years.