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Advantages of IAP Worldwide Services

IAP Worldwide Services is the best and most recognized provider in facility management, technical services and even advanced professional services in global logistics. There are 2,000 employees working and offering services to clients in 25 countries all over the world. In this way, they are able to solve any issues that affect clients in private and even public sectors on anywhere in the world. Being aware that anything can happen at any time, they are always prepared to handle the unexpected from their clients and offer solutions to their challenging problems.

There are well-trained employees working for IAP and they can handle any complicated logistical as well as technical challenges. There are many services offered by IAP to individual and to companies to ensure they handle all the needs of their clients. They are in a position to manage, operate military installations and even maintain civilian facilities all over the globe. There is the technology that is required to deliver people and programs required all over the world to support customers and their workforce flexibility.

IAP Worldwide Services has been offering services to clients for more than sixty years and this has enabled them to build a good reputation as a reliable leader. They do not only meet the needs for their customers, but also try to exceed the expectations of their clients. They take your mission as their own and dedicate their energy, experience and passion on Monster by working together as a team to ensure they meet your expectations as the client.

IAP Worldwide Mission

Having a team that is dedicated and working together towards the same goal will ensure there is harmony and experience during work. You will be in a position to work together with the employees who are committed to their mission on Their mission is to provide their customers with world class satisfaction. You will also be motivated and empowered on how to do your work in a safe manner and ensure overall success to your company.


The corporate responsibility at IAP Worldwide is by how they treat everyone else and not only their clients. There are many people and communities that have been of great support to their team and IAP is able to show gratitude to them. Their mission is to ensure that your issues are solved by taking them as their own and working towards the success and achieving the results you need. At IAP Worldwide, they believing in working together with other teams that share the same mission so as to help their customers and offer them the best services.

IAP Worldwide Service – The Government solution

A World leading organization that has been in existence for over 60 years, providing a wide range of services and resolution to its clients in the US, organizations, and international government agencies world over. IAP Worldwide Services is an excellent principal in the provision of experienced program administration, and incorporate its potential to give innovate, dependable and secure solutions to satisfy its clients various and complex challenges. IAP headquarters is located in Cape Canaveral, FL and has been operating in more than 100 locations in 20 countries all over the world with more than 2000 employees. Other places that it has retained its offices include; Panama City FL, Washington DC, United Kingdom and the Middle East.

IAP Worldwide Service engages it’s self in the unpredicted disasters to battlefields. They have an experience in planning, coordinating as well as carrying out logistical, technical and complex challenges. For many years now, they have maintained, operated and managed military installations, civilians’ facilities and done remote research. It has had the mandate to deliver program management, and technology that is required in the maintenance of its client’s staff.

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IAP Worldwide Services Jobs

IAP Worldwide Services Inc Panama City FL, 32405

On November 2015, IAP Worldwide Service announced that it has acquired DRS Technologies Inc., Aviation and Logistics Business located in Oklahoma City OK, and the Tactical Communication & Network Solutions located in Aberdeen Proving Ground MD. The acquired firms are being incorporated into a new unit, Aviation and Engineering solutions and the already in existence IAP’S National Security program unit. The CEO of IAP Mr, Doug Katani was quoted saying that the addition of the communication, aviation and the networking business will help expand the firms selection of services and solutions to the US and international government agencies and organizations. He also mentioned that the organization has a policy based on organic growth through lean operation, clients discipline and innovation in the center of the government section.

IAP has for many years, taken the satisfaction of combining their skills, expertise, and knowledge to is best compared to the experience they have as individuals in order to give the best services and solutions to their clients. It is made up of people who are dedicated and responsible to solve problems on behalf of others. Since its inception, IAP Worldwide Services has built a status as a responsible and a dependable market leader. For more than 60 years, it has not only met but it has also exceeded its client’s expectations by assuming their customer’s issues as their own.

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