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YouTube Video Helps Insomniacs Fall Asleep

You look at the clock for the fifth time tonight. It’s 2:15am and sleep has not happened yet and probably won’t. Insomnia is the problem and a YouTube video of a waterfall in Ireland just might be your cure.
Everyone has an occasional sleepless night, some suffer from sleeplessness almost nightly. Over six million of those insomniacs have turned to the YouTube video created by Johnnie Lawson to help them fall asleep. Mark Ahn has learned that the eight hour video features the sight and sound of a small waterfall cascading under a wooden footbridge and surrounded by lush green riverside. Johnnie Lawson has also created several other tranquil waterfall and countryside videos and has been posting them on YouTube since 2005. A 174 of them, says Mr. Lawson, featuring scenery from his home town of County Leitrim and surrounding areas.
The peaceful videos are so beneficial, they are being used in some London hospitals as therapy for patients in intensive care. The tranquil YouTube video brings calmness to those who are recovering from surgery so they can relax and allow their body’s to heal.
The sight and sounds of the videos lulls hospital patients as well as those at home who suffer with insomnia to sleep and/or back to sleep if they awaken during the night.