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Youtube Star Wengie Shares Her Beauty Tips With Women All Over The World

The creation of the online media channel YouTube and its subsequent growth in popularity has lead to a new phenomena on the web. This new phenomena is called YouTube sensations and it is unique in that it is entirely born online. YouTube lets pretty much anybody with access to the internet, a video camera, microphone or video editing programs develop and create videos and share them on the web.

The explosive growth of YouTube and the ever growing presence of the internet has propelled some people to fame and even fortune. You can find hundreds of people that have garnered millions of views of their videos through YouTube. These people have becoming, realizing it or not YouTube Sensations or stars on the internet to put it another way.

Sensations can vary greatly. Some may perform comedy routines, pranks or outrageous stunts. Other sensations can became famous after a video showing their singing, dancing or gymnastic skills become popular. Other sensations bring attention to pressing issues such as human rights or the the right to an education for women in third world countries. One thing that is clear about YouTube Sensations, is that the phenomena is here to stay as long as YouTube remains a popular avenue and the internet continues to grow.

Wengie is an example of a YouTube Sensation that has been born trying to bring attention to an important issue. Wengie, or Wendy Huang is a native Australian of Chinese descent with a great interest in Women’s makeup and cosmetics. Wengie got into makeup, fashion and cosmetics at an early age. Being Asian, she was curious of what Asian specific makeup products there was available. The world of makeup, fashion and cosmetics is seemed to her was geared towards Caucasian audiences.

In 2010, Wengie launched her own personal blog that dealt with fashion, beauty and cosmetics with an Asian focus. Her blog garnered much attention and companies routinely ask Wengie to discuss new products in her blog. A few years later Wendy created her very own YouTube Channel that showed viewers makeup, beauty and fashion ideas, with an Asian focus. Wendy’s Channel has become one of the most popular beauty channels in all of Australia and has amassed over 29 million views. Wengie’s fans now include people of all kinds of races and backgrounds, not just Asians.