MB2 Dental’s Unique Business Structure Lets Dentists Become Entrepreneurs

MB2 Dental is a dental firm that provides resources and administrative help to dentists. What makes them different is that the dentists who are part of their network are in complete control of their practice. The practices are completely dentist-owned, and they make all the decisions. MB2 Dental provides support, guidance, and help. Dentists also have the opportunity to co-invest with each other. While MB2 Dental takes care of all the nonclinical administrative aspects of running a dental practice, such as bookkeeping, dentists are still the ones that make the decisions for even non-clinical issues. For example, they decide whether they want to expand or open up another location. Outside investors and shareholders are not the ones calling the shots, like in other firms where businessmen who do not understand a thing about running a dental practice make the decisions. That is why MB2 Dental is so special.

Dentists really love this business model. They believe that MB2 Dental is preserving the integrity of the dental profession by letting dentists be the ones who actually call the shots. This way, they never have to compromise on things that would negatively impact patient care. MB2 is preserving what is sacred in dentistry, and by doing this, they are staying ahead of the curve. They give dentists the tools to be successful and get where they want to get. They are able to achieve their goals. Some dentists are more business oriented and involve themselves in the business side of their practice and with crunching the numbers, while others take advantage of the opportunity that MB2 Dental offers them to focus exclusively on the clinical aspect of the business. For those that take part in the business side, MB2 Dental offers encouragement, as they want dentists to be entrepreneurs and to be able to make the decisions.

MB2 Dental has been seeing growth that can only be described as explosive. A lot of this has to do with their unique business structure, which simply cannot be found anywhere else. To aspiring entrepreneurs, Dr. Villanueva advises questioning everything. You should not attempt to follow some guidebook for when to get into debt, when to sell, when to hire, and so on. Instead, challenge the status quo and look at the specifics of your own business and how certain steps will affect it, either for the better or for the worse.

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