Early Career and Contributions of Drew Madden to the Success of Evergreen Healthcare Partners

Drew Madden is a distinguished entrepreneur specializing in healthcare information technology. Drew is an expert in Electronic Medical Records, Healthcare Information, and epic systems. He studied industrial engineering at the University of Iowa.

Career History and Achievements of Drew Madden

While at the university, Drew Madden was appointed student advisor. This was his first job. Drew worked at the facility for about four years before joining Cener Corporation. His roles at Cener Corporation included clinical applications implementation at hospitals in Chicago. Madden acquired certification from CPOE, PharmNet, and Emar application modules. He was hired by Healthia Consulting/Ingenix in 2006 and helped the company put into practice Epic inpatient applications. While at Healthia Consulting/Ingenix, Drew Madden helped the company obtain certification in Clinical Documentation, Inpatient Procedure Orders, Willow, and Inpatient Medication Orders. Moreover, Drew worked at Ingenix Consulting as a regional sales director. In 2010, Drew Madden moved to Nordic Consulting Partners and worked there for seven months as an executive vice president. Nordic Consulting Partners is a renowned consulting firm. It has won many awards and is ranked among the best in terms of Epic implementation services provision. Under the leadership of Drew Madden, Nordic Consulting Partners increased its number of employees to 725. Moreover, its annual revenue increased by $130,000,000. Drew Madden successfully increased Nordic Consulting Partners’ clients from three to 150 partners.

The Role of Drew Madden at Evergreen Healthcare Partners

Currently, Drew Madden works at Evergreen Healthcare Partners as a managing partner. Drew played a key role in the establishment of the company. Evergreen Healthcare Partners provides high-quality IT services to numerous clinical facilities. It is considered one of the leading providers of IT services in the country. Additionally, the company provides other services to its large client base. Evergreen Healthcare Providers employs highly qualified professionals who are dedicated to offering high-quality services and creating long-lasting engagements with customers. Drew’s company is dedicated to providing unique and personalized advisory services for HER platforms and HCIT applications. Drew Madden works round the clock to make sure that his clients and staff feel empowered to maximize their IT investments, achieve more, and improve outcomes.


The Doctor Is Just A Text Away With Talkspace

Modern technology can be a wonderful thing but is the fact that we are always connected, actually causing us to have mental health issues? According to a study completed in South Korea, this may be the case. They revealed that more than 10 percent of teenagers, who are constantly connected to the internet have a higher risk of depression than those teens who are not.

This would explain why services such as Talkspace are gaining in popularity. Talkspace allows their clients to reach out to them by test and other online means without having to travel to an actual office. Not only does this allows people to get help immediately but it is less expensive than actually going to a therapist office. Talkspace claims to have over 1,000 professionals ready to help clients. All of their professionals are licensed therapists.

Talkspace believes that online therapy is very beneficial. For those people who stated that they never could take the time away from their job or family, can now get the help they need from their phone. The cost is also a lot less than traditional therapy. Talkspace has a plan that starts out at only 32 dollars a week that allows clients to text with their therapist once a day.

They even recently signed a deal with a major health provider, Magellan Health. This will allow thier cleints to utilize Talkspace services. There is something to said about having a therapist available at the tip of your fingers.

Fabletics Reigns In The E-commerce Market Due To Positive Client Review

E-commerce has dramatically changed normal business operations in the entire world, and the manner in which clients are able to receive products that they purchase from different enterprises. One indisputable fact is that in the past, clients were required to visit business premises to acquire what they needed. However, the digitization of services has led to a change in the business world, and it has created what is known as the e-commerce market. Before acquiring a product online, people always review all that is associated with it, and they even tend to look into the opinion of other clients who have made the product purchase in the past.


Such a situation has made product and business review a very significant matter for both the clients and those who are involved in availing the products. Some companies are entirely specializing in the development of software and applications that can enable other enterprises to acquire reviews from their former clients, and present the information in a manner that will make it possible to attract more customers who are interested in similar products.


The founder and CEO of Fabletics, Kate Hudson, was able to realize the importance of positive reviews from her singing career, and this led her to establish an enterprise that is entirely built upon client’s views. One requirement at Fabletics, for all clients who visit the company website with the intention of making a purchase, is that a person should provide an opinion on how product improvement can be undertaken at the company. Secondly, one is required to create a user account that contains personal information, and fill it with information revolving around fashion wear.


When personal desires are directly infused into what is produced, then it creates a feeling that it is the clients who own whatever is provided at the enterprise. Approximately 80% of online clients rely on reviews before making purchases. People undertake in-depth research on what other people think about a product even if they don’t know who is providing the analysis. The statistics related to product review have been on the rise as more people embrace online shopping.


One crucial factor that should be understood is the need for trust by clients. Customers are desperate to get a product supplier who will assure them of delivery, and most importantly, provide quality goods. Businesses such as Fabletics are exploiting client feedback, and it is being used to accelerate success at the company by gaining huge profits. Leveraging on what clients can provide to a business is significant.


Some firms focus on maximizing profits through the simple provision of services. However, Kate Hudson understood that clients can avail more than just money to the business. It is the clients who help to attract others to a company based on how an enterprise avails its services. Fabletics keeps up with client needs through offering discounts for those who continually purchase different wears. Such a situation makes the customers visit the company’s website on a regular basis, and this makes it possible to stay on top of the competition.

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Karl Heideck explains the new law on salary history in Philadelphia

In Philadelphia, there is a law on salary history that has been passed by the legislators. The law seeks to bar employers from accessing the salary history of the potential employees they would like to hire. The law which was passed at the beginning of 2017 has been very controversial with some people supporting it while others, especially the employers rejecting. While employers see this as a move to limit them from accessing information about the people they are likely to hire, supporters of the law see it as a chance for the hiring process to be transparent. The two sides have been pulling each other, each wanting to be the victor at the end of the day. However, it seems that the people to carry the day are the supports of the law.

Karl Heideck, a lawyer in Philadelphia, says that this law will close the gap that has been existing between the male and female gender. For a long time, men have been starting jobs at a higher starting salary than their female counterparts. This has created a culture of the female gender being victimized although the job description for both genders is the same. Karl Heideck and others who support this move claim that it will make the hiring process better for the employer will not have something to compare the salary with. It will be dependent on every worker to argue his or her case.

Karl Heideck explains that law will affect all the businesses that operate in the municipality. It won’t matter if it’s just a branch of a business that is located outside Philadelphia, the thing is everyone will have to comply with the law. According to the opponents of this law, they see it as just another law that has been put in place to curtail the freedom of doing business in municipality. They argue that this law will make Philadelphia unattractive for business operations. Karl Heideck who have followed this law very closely says that not all employers think of it as an oppressive law. Some see it as a measure that will bring equity in the workplaces.

About Karl Heideck

Karl Heideck is commercial attorney in Philadelphia who deals with commercial litigation in the city. He is one of the people who support this legislation arguing it is good for creating a balanced work environment.

Karl Heideck has experience of about a decade. He has worked closely with many businesses in the city and fully understands the business environment in the city. He has a law degree earned from the University of Temple, Beasley School of law.

For more info: hackronym.com/the-attorney-behind-the-curtain-karl-heideck/

Clay Siegall on Scaling the Heights of Seattle Genetics

Founded in 1998, Seattle Genetics deals in developing and promoting innovative monoclonal antibody therapies for cancer patients. Seattle ranks among the top biotech companies in the United States. Seattle has an estimated value of over $9billion and a provision of employment to more than 900 workers and is the most significant biotech company in Washington. Seattle Genetics makes massive investments in research and marketing and is keen on expansion as it targets to add its employees to over 200 people. Seattle Company also focuses on drug development and taking care of complicated issues emerging in the line of the market for its new drugs.

Seattle has also made commitments to the global market and pledged to spend over 2million in a bid to acquire worldwide rights to commercialize a particular drug developed in New Jersey that treats cancer. Seattle Genetics continues to grow in production rates which have tripled in the last five years. Financial analysts have pinned this success to the severe investments made in the research of several drugs that have a high potential of skyrocketing in the market. The company has focused on the ADC drug fully known as antibody-drug conjugate that targets antigens-protein molecules which help the immune system in the production of antibodies. The ADC works to destroy the cancer cells while maintaining the standard functionality of the tissues. The drug reduces the collateral damage created by the chemotherapy and radiation.

Dr. Clay Siegall currently runs Seattle Genetics as CEO and Chairman. He co-founded Seattle Genetics back in 1998 and had been experiencing tremendous growth ever since. Doctor Siegall formally worked at the Bristrol-Myers Squibb, a pharmaceutical research institute for six yrs before moving to the National Institute of Health and the National cancer institute for close to 4years. Doctor Siegall attained a bachelor’s degree in zoology from the University of Maryland and held a Ph.D. in genetics accomplished at George Washington University.

Clay Siegall also holds a position as a director in two privately owned biotechnology companies which are: Mirna Therapeutics Inc and Alder Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Dr. Siegall partnered with Mr. Fust who previously held the position of chief financial officer and executive vice president at Onyx Pharmaceutical, Inc. He later on served at Jazz Pharmaceutical Inc as the chief financial officer among other legit credentials. Mr. Fust currently holds a position on the board of directors as of a biopharmaceutical company known as Sunesis Pharmaceuticals. Clay Siegall together with partner have been able to scale Seattle Genetics to exceptional heights in the Biopharmaceutical industry

Improving Sanitation in Brazil Through Partnership Initiative

The need for sanitation improvement in Brazil has necessitated the need for collaborations. The government interests to make concessions through a partnership with the BNDES (National Bank and Social Development) provoked experts’ views. However, Edison Carlos the Trata Brasil president prefers the resource management of the sanitation and structural benefits that the program will offer. His views were echoed by, Mr. Felipe Montoro, an infrastructure specialist, mentioning the advantages the plan will have on water preservation benefits.

The initiative will comprise of the partnership with private companies and all government agencies. BNDES mandate will be to survey and develop action plans customized to each location. Water wastage is one contributor to poor sanitation and increased financial resources in the state.

Private entities have more resources than the state and thus must be involved in the plan to prevent water wastage. These enterprises have advanced technology and better management systems in the county. They will make a better player as investors in improving the sewerage networks. Involvement of the private companies will significantly enhance the financial state of the public institutions.

While the involvement of the private business in the program is essential, clear guidelines in the selection of preferred partners are paramount. As mentioned, not all privately owned companies can deliver. Identification and range of the partners should rhyme with the citizen’s needs, utility mode of operation and the cost of the services offered. The contractual agreements must include clear goals and the adoption by the public agencies during the inspection of the services provided. There should be a review of the activities to confirm if the service provided is in line with the agreements.

About Felipe Montoro Jens

Felipe Montoro Jens is a known expert in infrastructure. He serves as the chief executive officer of the Energizer Captacao S.A. The renowned finance expert and also an investor. He served as a valuable advisor in the partnership of Brazil government and the BDNES.

Mr. Felipe Montoro Jens has served in several leadership roles. In 2010 to 2013, he was the director at Braskem. The expert also worked as a member of the board in with Concessionaria do Centro Administrativo do Distrito Federal. He was also the director of Santo Antonio Energia.

Lori Senecal career from coaching to CEO at CP&B

Lori Senecal is known for her expertise in innovative technological solutions. Her broad knowledge advertising prompted Chuck Potter to name her as the CEO of CP+B. However, in her comprehensive resume, she has served as the Global Executive Chairman of KBS and the CEO of CP&B. Lori industry has been her pillar of success through her career. Lori efforts at KBS launched the organization to the global status it enjoys currently. She has helped various brands in their marketing campaign such as American Express, BMW, victoria secrets and vanguard.


Lori passion for business and her leadership characteristics developed from a tender age. While in high school, she participated as a gymnastics coach due to her height limit. Through coaching she was able to horn her leadership skills in various aspects such as communication, setting goals and adapting to the business world. While in advertising, her goal was to create a simple strategy which was clear to everyone. Lori explains that both coaching and promotion require one have the drive for Excellency and analytical skills. The skills learned from coaching were, therefore, a massive boost to her advertising career. Check out GCReport for more details.


Lori explain s that in business the way to success is a process.as an individual the first step should be getting a client after that one can proceed to build a successful marketing campaign. However, during her tenure at KBS, she was able to reach her potential quickly due to successful teamwork. Her team at KBS had the motivation to succeed and the self-belief in their talents. Every career has its ups and downs however her experience as a coach gave her the motivation combined with her positive attitude. For more details visit LinkedIn.


During Lori Senecal years at American Airlines, she raised the company’s presence in the market. She laid out the proper foundation regarding management and communication for the organization. Despite her departure from CP&B, she is satisfied since she has left a team that is more capable of carrying out the organization’s objectives. At CP&B she received her first breakthrough in advertising including the Kraft Mac & Cheese advertising campaign which had record-breaking sales.


Lori Senecal grew up in Montreal Canada. She earned her degree from McGill University. She was the president of McCann Erikson, then moved to KBS and completed her career at CP&B.



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George Soros’ Mega Transfer Of Wealth To The Open Society Foundations

In the business and political worlds, George Soros is aptly known as a serial entrepreneur, hedge fund manager, and a renowned philanthropist. The billionaire is actively involved with the US politics having been ranked as one of the major donors to the Democratic Party. Recently, the businessman made a significant decision of transferring over $18 billion of his fortune to his organization, the Open Society Foundations. This donation is one of the most significant transfers of wealth that has ever been by an individual to a single charity. According to the Fortune.com, George Soros made the bulk transfer of his wealth to the organization so that it can continue impacting on the global society.

According to the Wall Street Journal, this donation puts Open Society Foundation in the second place in the list of the most prominent charities in the US. The Open Society Foundations is second to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and is expected to impact on the social-political landscape of the United States and the world at large. George Soros’ gift to the global community puts him ahead of other leaders who are championing social politics. George Soros’ wealth has given him the means of changing a lot within communities of the world.

The Open Society Foundations is an establishment of George Soros that was founded over three decades ago. The organization has carried out extensive work in over 120 nations across the globe on matters democracy and human rights. In the United States, the charity has been on the forefront in advocating for equal rights for minority groups such as the LGBT community, immigrants, and individuals who are dealing with drug abuse and George Soros’s lacrosse camp.

During the 2014 Ebola catastrophe, the Open Society Foundations provided financial aid to medical state agencies that were combating the disaster. In the wake up of the 2016 American election, George Soros was very vocal about the need to stop the hatred that was triggered by the divisive agenda of the Trump campaign. The businessman committed over $10 million to the fight against politically instigated violence. According to Soros, the election had awakened “dark forces” that were threatening to destabilize the unity of the Americans and more information click here.

George Soros’ activism in the American politics and extensive involvement with the Democratic politicians has made it easier for the Republican establishment to target him with criticism and conspiracy theories. The criticism accusations leveled against the businessman have not deterred him from reliving his commitment to the downtrodden individuals in the society.

During his childhood, the war-stricken Hungary helped shape George Soros’ urge to speak up for the oppressed in the society. When Soros managed to flee Hungary, he found himself in London where he enrolled at the London School of Economics. Later George Soros immigrated to the United States where he built much of his fortune managing hedge funds on Wall Street. In 1992, George Soros wagered against the British Pound and made a lot of fortune in less than 24 hours and Follow him Twitter.com.

Lime Crime Releases Four Colorful New Dyes For Dark-Haired Women

Lime Crime is now giving brunettes the tools and color palette they need to express their inner unicorn in all its glory. The quickly growing brand founded by visionary entrepreneur Doe Deere recently released a new line of hair dye especially designed for people with dark colored hair. The four newest additions to the Unicorn Hair Collection are darker shades. These deliciously dramatic hues, while not as bright as the company’s usual colors, are giving brunettes the opportunity to add some Goth-like fiendish tints to their hair just in time to stand out for Halloween.

The newest additions to Lime Crime’s Unicorn Hair Collection are a deep maroon dye called Chestnut, Squid, a spooky looking purple hue, a dusty grey dye called Charcoal and Sea Witch, a blue hair hair color that is as a mermaid’s tail. These new colors are making it possible for people with brunettes locks to be able to get the purple, green, maroon or charcoal colored hair they always wanted to compliment their daily fashion statement or make their mark for Halloween. It means rocking wildly colored hair is not just for blonds any more. Leave it to this innovative brand to break new ground.

For people that have longed for dark yet colorful hair, the Unicorn Hair Collection now has exactly what you need. With these four new shades being released this Fall, the unicorn hair phenomenon can now welcome countless new members. Doe Deere and her staff are giving creative people access to the darker colors of the rainbow to make a compelling statement of their own. Unicorn Queen Doe Deere and her groundbreaking company continues to give people innovative new ways to release the unicorn within and make the world a more colorful place.

The release of these new full-coverage intense colors is part of the mission of Lime Crime to make it possible for anyone, including people with darker colored hair, to be able to join Team Unicorn. By simply visiting the Lime Crime website dark-haired women can now get the dyes they need to work their dark and beautiful magic.

David Luther Giertz’S Steps towards Financial Breakthrough

David Luther Giertz studied finance at the University of Millikin. He then went to the University of Miami for his master’s degree. He specialized in Business Administration and has worked in many organizations.

He began working as an advisor in the financial department at Citigroup. His competence in organizing and monitoring activities at the company earned him the position of deputy executive officer in charge of the company’s sales. He also works as a broker for various firms. Holding AB also hired him as their president and chief executive officer. David Giertz now serves as President of Nationwide Financial Sales. His legacy shines in all the companies that he has worked for.

Nationwide Financial Sales has managed to grow exponentially since he became the chief executive officer of the company. He has organized and coordinated his employees well in their various departments. This has positively impacted on the services that the company offers to its clients. The company specializes in providing financial advice to entrepreneurs and investors who are determined to achieve success.

Some of the financial consultations that they assist their customers with include information regarding better insurance for their lives and businesses. Moreover, the employees also have expertise in helping businesses with how to secure meaningful investments.

Adversities in the field of finance are no longer a threat to businesses. David Giertz is the man behind such breakthroughs. Investors are now able to maximize their savings and minimize their expenditure. Such approaches have enhanced financial security among many of the company’s clients. Entrepreneurs can now enjoy their savings even after retirement. This is because they have learned on how to strategize on when to start saving for their retirement accounts. Largely dependent on the number of years they want to set aside for savings before they retire.

The company thrives on delivering customer services which have benefited many.

Read more about David Giertz: https://www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/private/person.asp?personId=232405062&privcapId=359385